Our Top 6 Songs for Senior Girl Photo Sessions

Moira West


For seniors looking to get professional portraits taken, a session is about more than just a photo; it’s a thoughtful expression of who they are and who they want to be. Seniors want their clothes and the backgrounds they select to say something about themselves — and music is a big part of that, too.

We’ve discussed the challenges of finding the right soundtrack for senior boys, but senior girl photography slideshows aren’t always easy to score, either. And while you can always select songs based on your senior’s favorite genre in our music library, we wanted to share our list of our top songs for senior girl photography videos. Take a look:

  1. “Whole Wide World” by Mindy Gledhill: The lyrics of this song match the big plans of seniors heading off into the future.
  2. “Brighter Days” by Cool Typhoon: With an attention-grabbing rhythm, this track works well for videos destined for Instagram.
  3. “Anything for You” (Instrumental) by Fisher: The acoustic guitar in this song creates a sweet accompaniment.
  4. “Feet On The Ground" (Light Vocal) by Diego Martinez: This empowering dance track can score senior images with energy and fun.
  5. “Everybody Party (Instrumental) by Brian Curtin: A stylish electronic track to go with your stylish images.
  6. “House Party Bounces" (Light Vocal) by Sean Yukon: The song’s upbeat melody makes a great match for images of happy seniors.

A good song can capture mood and mindset of a senior getting ready for life after high school. Create a slideshow that reflects her personality with the right soundtrack and style, and you’ll give her a memory she can come back to and replay again and again.