Photography Video Marketing Challenge: Client Interview Video

Moira West


Up until now, you’ve been the director, the producer, and the star of your Animoto videos. But sometimes the most compelling piece of marketing is a happy client.

Enter the Client Interview Video. As the name suggests, this type of video involves talking to a client about their experiences working with you, or even just talking to them about why they wanted to have their photograph taken.

Celebrating with photos

For instance, Sue Bryce interviewed a client named Kris who lost a significant amount of weight and wanted a photo shoot to celebrate. Even though the video never mentions Sue by name, Kris is so happy in the video, and the photos Sue took are so compelling that the audience can see immediately that Kris got exactly what she hoped for when she booked her shoot.

What’s a client interview?

So what goes into a client interview? There are two parts — the client testimonial and the visuals playing with it. The client’s testimonial features the client recommending your business specifically or just giving reasons why it was important to them to book a photo shoot.

For your visuals, focus on a specific moment. Emphasize the shoot itself, or even better, film a photo reveal or clients picking up their finished product. Record videos that capture their emotions – the surprise and happiness that can’t be faked. That, combined with your client’s own words, creates a strong video that seems more like a personal narrative than marketing.

Tips for making a great client interview video:

  • Choose a moment or a theme. Decide if you will focus on the behind-the-scenes experience, the photo reveal, or some other aspect of your shoot to drive your video’s story.
  • Capture your client’s voice. Record video and audio of your client if you can. If not, take down client quotes and put them on text cards.
  • Tell a story. Your audience can get photographs taken anywhere. Your client interview is a narrative that explains why you’re extraordinary.
  • Include the best photos from your client’s shoot in your video slideshow to show your audience what you were able to do for your client.
  • Link directly to your website using the Call To Action feature or add your URL in your YouTube or Vimeo description so people can go back to your site.

Telling a story with text

Sue Bryce has a second video that works well as a client interview. Even though there is no voice-over, we still get to “hear” the clients’ voices through text cards. In addition, the video tells a compelling story that draws an audience in, while at the same time showing how meaningful and how much fun a shoot with Sue can be.

Tell your client’s story the right way, and you’ll have a compelling marketing video that’s easy to share on Facebook and other social media, or with potential clients.

Want feedback on your client interview? Join us in the Animoto Social Video Marketing Community to share your video.

Portrait Photographer, Sue Bryce and Animoto launched a series of challenges designed to encourage, inspire and motivate photographers to start marketing with video. Participants create a video a month and post it on social. This is an in-depth description of one of the 12 challenges.

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