15,000 Views and Counting: Newborn Photographer Kelly Brown’s New Animoto Marketing Video

Moira West


Newborn photographer Kelly Brown’s Animoto video is relatively simple: it’s a brief studio tour, a video of her interacting with infants and mothers, awards she’s won, and precious photos of newborns. Yet this one marketing video has generated more than 15,000 views within a week of being posted and illustrates loud and clear the power of marketing with video.


In the Animoto for Professional Photographers group on Faebook, we’ve talked about the importance of showing your workspace and the way you interact with clients to engage viewers and get them excited about working with you. Kelly does that and more. She shows the care she takes with every aspect of a shoot – the clean, bright studio, the props designed for newborns, the gentle touch she uses to arrange her tiny models, and the way she brings those elements together to produce her incomparable photos. It’s almost as if she is saying, “Trust me with your memories. I’ll take good care of them.”


Take a look at Kelly’s video, and see what got 15,000 people interested in Kelly’s business.

Kelly created her video using our customizable Documentary style. Get started creating your own marketing masterpieces today.