10 Blogs to Make You a Better Photographer

Moira West


If you’re a photographer looking for news, inspiration, and education, there’s an abundance of resources and information to choose from. In fact, there may be too much choice, leaving you confused and not knowing where to start. So we’ve put together a list of 10 photography blogs offering a wide scope of industry information and tidbits that we think will help you become a better photographer and a better business person to boot.

The big name blogs:


WPPI’s official blog examines trends, gives advice on the business side of photography, highlights new and exciting gear and tech, as well as taking in-depth looks at some of the best wedding and portrait photographers in the business.



A good blog is all about balance, and FStoppers has that down. It deftly covers education, equipment reviews and trends, and stories about incredible photography projects. It also keeps readers involved, with space devoted to group discussions and a “Critique the Community” series.



Given its amazing educational workshops, it should come no surprise that CreativeLive has some great content on its blog. Their posts cover a huge range, from the practical to the inspirational (like how to pose plus-sized brides or how to decide on the perfect bio photo), all presented in innovative, interesting ways.


Photographer blogs:

In Bed with Sue

Sue Bryce’s blog overflows with educational content, personal insight, and inspiration — really, it reads like a do-it-yourself guide to being awesome. Whether you need to hack your own designer gown or create a reveal wall that gets clients to buy, Sue can show you how, all while keeping you motivated and excited about your photography.

sue bryce

Jasmine Star

Full of personality and easy-to-implement tips for photographers, wedding wunderkind Jasmine Star’s blog is rich with gorgeous photos and helpful how-to videos (like how to make your own bouquets on a budget). It’s geared toward photographers trying to improve their photography — without breaking the bank.

jasmine star


Though he accepts guest bloggers, Seshu is still the main author and producer of most of the content on Tiffinbox. He also came up with the name, which refers to a container used to carry lunch in India. Like its name sake, Tiffinbox offers lots of interesting tidbits, from posts about why boudoir is making a comeback to video interviews with photographers (like wedding photographer RJ Kern) about their personal projects.


Blogs with a strong community:

Pretty Forum (Formerly Rock-the-Shot Forum)

If you’re looking for a blog focused on community, Pretty Forum is for you. Much of the actual blog content is focused on featured members, but it also has a great forum that lets members help each other develop, as well as workshops and webisodes with educational content focused on both the artistic and business sides of photography.

pretty forum

Blogs about the business of photography:

Joy of Marketing

Founded by Sarah Petty, Joy of Marketing focuses on small business marketing challenges particular to photographers, like finding the best way to to sell holiday cards or steps to go from part- to full-time photography.

joy of marketing

Sprouting Photographers

The insightful Sprouting Photographers blog examines how business practices, customer interactions, and even photographers’ attitudes towards their work can affect a photography business’s bottom line. The site also includes a great podcast, which has featured renowned photographers like Lindsay Adler, Jerry Ghionis, and Vanessa Joy.



Photomint founder Lara White has said, “We believe that owning a photography studio is 80% business and 20% photography.” This business-savvy photographer lays down all the ways you can strengthen that 80% business by offering strategies for increasing photos sales or discussions of what to include as freebies.


Now that’s you’ve got your reading list for photography, find out how you can integrate video into your photography business. Then join us on the Animoto Social Video Marketing Community and show off both your photography and your videography.