Video at Every Stage of Childhood: the First Years



Your baby is growing faster now than she will at any other time of her life, which means you’re seeing tons of developmental changes—too many to commit to memory.

We know you’re constantly snapping photos and taking video of baby’s achievements (How could you not? Babies are adorable!), but don’t let those photos go to waste on your hard drive! Instead, consider the awesome video possibilities before you.

You could make a video about your baby:


Use video clips to capture the sound of baby’s voice, so that you’ll always remember how it sounded in this moment.  Consider including title slides that reveal what baby’s first words were.  Just make sure to eliminate as much ambient noise as possible when taking a video clip of baby’s chatter!


When taking video of baby walking, take a step back and shoot horizontally.  The footage will look much better when you put it into your Animoto video.
If you just can’t wait, make a video of when baby first starts cruising, too!

And all the other firsts…

First haircut, first holiday season, first birthday, first trip to the playground, first visit to the zoo…you get the idea!

Baby’s Year in Review

Maybe you’ve already thought of making a “Baby’s First Year” video, but why stop there?  The next few years will be full of changes, too, all worth documenting and sharing.

Share with friends and family

Your photos don’t have to be fancy, or even high-quality. Videos made from instagram photos are just as memorable.

Best of all, these videos will also make great keepsakes for your child to look back on as she gets older.