Three Baby Video Ideas (Before Your Due Date)

Liz Ziser

Pregnancy Video

Let’s face it – preparing for baby’s arrival can be a full-time job! But when it comes to sharing these precious moments, a video is a great idea.

With your pictures and video combined with our music and styles, we can help you create some magic before the baby even arrives.

Animoto video style: Original

  1. Share the news that you’re expecting

One of the most exciting questions new parents consider is “How do we break the news?” Try doing it with an Animoto video. Build up to that big surprise with a few photos of you and your significant other, then, end your video with a pregnancy shot or ultrasound photo.

  1. Create a baby shower invitation

Invites are a must-have for your baby shower. Paper cards have been done before; do it differently with an Animoto video! Use your own pictures, videos, and music to recreate those precious moments of pregnancy. Add the date, time, and location details, then, send it off to all of your invitees before the big day.

  1. Scrapbook your pregnancy

So much happens during pregnancy. Remember this special time by creating a special, one-of-a-kind video. Quoting one of our Animoto moms, “Treat this like a timeline.” Like a scrapbook, gather images from the beginning of your pregnancy and progressively walk through your favorite moments from day one to your due date.

Try making your own video online or even on your iPhone. We wish you a pain free delivery and happiness as you welcome the newest member to your family!