Create a Spring Break Video

Brett Petersel


I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but spring break is over, and it’s time to snap back to reality (insert sad face here). Whether you were drifting away on a float in the middle of the ocean, taking advantage of winter’s last hurrah at a ski resort, or relaxing at home with family and friends, memories were made (and you have the photos and videos to prove it).

Now that you’re back home, what will you do with all of the photos and videos you’ve taken? How about creating a spring break video? While you’re at it, you can add music and text to tell your stories. When you’re finished, you can easily share the video on Facebook or YouTube,or you can email it directly to anyone you’d like.

Here are some Animoto styles to get you started:

We want to see what you did during spring break, so please share links to your videos in the comments below. (Especially while you still have a tan!)