Making Party Video Slideshow: Tips And Tricks

Becky Brooks

Animoto Party videos

Here are the top two types of video slideshows you can make around your next party!

Video slideshows are an awesome way to capture all the fun and excitement of your parties. Here are two ways in which you can make your own video to share with family and friends.

Type #1 – The Video You Play at the Party

Create a meaningful experience at your next party by playing the video at the event.

Don’t think the big screen is just for Hollywood blockbusters. You can create an Animoto video quickly and easily featuring the guests, those who couldn’t make it but wanted to show their love, or photos and video clips of the person the party is celebrating!

For the best experience, Animoto videos can be upgraded to 720p HD and burned to DVD so you can see everything in sparkling high definition.

Type #2 – The Video You Send After the Party

If you had an amazing time with friends or family, put the photos and video clips you took with your camera or phone to good use!

Create a video and email it out to people who made that night so special (and then facebook it, tweet it, youtube it;  the options are endless!). The video is a memory you can share with everyone!

For more party video examples, check out our party page for inspiration. Or check out our page on creating great birthday videos slideshows.