How Video Clips Make Your Video Memorable

Beth Forester


At Animoto, we believe that the best videos aren’t simply compilations of random photos, but rather, a powerful medium for telling stories. And a great way to bring a story to life is through the use of video clips, interspersed with photos and text. Let’s look at an example — the story of little Jeremy’s birthday party — in the two videos below.

In this first video we put together, we only used photos, and added a few text slides to give a bit of context to the images:

But take a look at the second video, where we mixed in a few video clips of Jeremy’s special day:

Now, which video gives you a better sense of what went on that day? Which one made you feel Jeremy’s excitement and joy? We’re willing to bet that the second video — the one with the video clips — drew you in as a viewer. Just a few, short video clips can mean the difference between an enjoyable video and one that makes viewers feel as if they were there when the event happened.

And with smartphones these days, it’s so easy to shoot video (read our post on Quick Tips for Filming Amazing Video on Your Smartphone for some helpful tips). Oh – if you’re wondering how difficult it is to incorporate video clips into your Animoto video, fear not: if you can upload a photo, you can upload a video clip just as easily.

So the next time you’re putting together a video of a special day, or even just an ordinary day at the park, consider incorporating some lively video clips to turn a good video into a memorable one.

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