Create an Egg-gaging Easter Video

Brett Petersel


Easter, one of the world’s most-celebrated holidays, is upon us (Sunday, April 5th). It symbolizes a day filled with never-ending chocolate and creative egg hunts (for the children). However, it’s more than an excuse to fully indulge in the bottomless bowls of Cadbury Mini-Eggs, jelly beans, and marshmallow Peeps that are displayed before you. It’s also a day dedicated to attending church and spending time with family.

If you’re a parent or other family member attending the festivities, you’re most likely taking both photos and videos of the multiple activities occurring throughout the day, including the preparation and cooking of a festive meal or the painting of eggs for the celebrated egg hunt. Easter is a very colorful holiday, so many of the photos and videos will contain an array of colors that are “egg-zactly” what you need to create an Easter video that you can share with your family and friends.

Here are some other activities and moments you should capture throughout the Easter holiday that could be a fantastic addition to your video:

  • The painting of the Easter eggs
  • The Easter Egg Hunt
  • Dressing the children in costumes
  • The Easter Bunny
  • The “Who Can Eat The Most Cadbury Mini-Eggs” contest (This is a personal favorite)

Have a happy and healthy Easter!

Interested in creating a video for your Easter holiday and celebration? Hop on over to Animoto to find out how it works and sign up here. When you’re finished creating your video, share it with us in the comments (with some Cadbury Mini-Eggs, please).