5 Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Beth Forester


Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the craftiest of them all? If you find yourself slowly backing away from the mirror, we’re right there with you. Luckily, not all DIY Valentine’s Day gifts require trips to the craft store or messy glue guns. Here are some of our ideas for a heartfelt Valentine’s Day gift that you can make quickly and easily. And yeah, some of these aren’t technically 100% DIY, but hey — who’s getting technical here?!

5 Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

#1: Instagram gifts

Many of us live our lives in the digital world, but there’s no denying that sometimes it’s nice to have a physical keepsake. There’s a whole ecosystem of services that print your Instagram photos into various items, including: stickers, fridge magnets, photo books, ceramic tiles, and even marshmallows…yes, marshmallows.

#2: Personalized video

We’d be remiss if we didn’t include at least one video idea. But really, video does make for a one-of-a-kind gift for Valentine’s Day. You probably have plenty of photos on your camera roll anyway, both of special times together and those random, everyday moments that can be quickly crafted into a beautiful video. And in case you missed last week’s blog post, here are some other ways to creatively package your video as a gift. Not sure how to begin? We have a Valentine’s Day storyboard you can customize in minutes.

#3: Specially made flower bouquet

Flowers and Valentine’s Day just go hand in hand, but bouquets can be pricey. So why not make your own? It’s not as hard as you might think. Check out this awesome video tutorial, posted on Facebook by City Girl Flowers, to learn how to make your own bouquet. Step up your creativity and use flowers your sweetie or bestie loves, and feel free to add “bulk” with inexpensive items like fruit (or even vegetables like artichokes and radishes).

#4: Conversation heart cookies

Skip the conversation heart candies this year and bake up a batch of sweet-tasting cookies shaped like conversation hearts instead. That way, you can personalize each heart with whatever message you want, including inside jokes or meaningful phrases that are unique to your relationship or kids. Here’s a recipe for conversation heart cookies from Martha Stewart, but really, you could bake up a batch of your love’s favorite cookies, and then ice and decorate them.

#5: Mason jar love notes

Before you roll your eyes at yet another mason jar craft, hear us out. Write or type out 52 little love notes or phrases, fold them up, and place them inside a quart-sized mason jar (or any jar, really). Then, every week for the next year, your special someone will have a unique message to open.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, what are you planning to gift? Let us know in the comments section below.

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