5 Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Kari Livesay


Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the craftiest of them all? If you find yourself slowly backing away from the mirror, we’re right there with you. Luckily, not all DIY Valentine’s Day gifts require trips to the craft store or messy glue guns. Here are some of our ideas for a heartfelt Valentine’s Day gift that you can make quickly and easily. And yeah, some of these aren’t technically 100% DIY, but hey — who’s getting technical here?

#1: Create a classic video valentine

You probably have plenty of photos on your camera roll, both of special times with your valentine and those random, everyday moments that can be quickly crafted into a beautiful video. Choose your favorite photos and video clips and create a heartfelt homage to your loved one using our Video Valentine template.

#2: Plan a day they’ll never forget

If your sweetheart prefers experiences and making memories over physical gifts, plan out a day for them filled with their favorite activities. Keep things low key, starting with breakfast in bed, a movie marathon, and capping the day with their favorite takeout, or make the day an adventure with a lively brunch, ice skating, and craft cocktail making. Use our Valentine’s Day List template to share what you have up your sleeve and get them excited for the day ahead.

#3: Share a recipe

Can’t be together to bake your famous heart-shaped Valentine’s Day cookies this year? We got you covered. Create a recipe video tutorial sharing step-by-step baking instructions. Then measure out your dry ingredients, combine them in a festive container and send them in the mail. Your loved one will be moved by this heartfelt and delicious gesture.

Check out more recipe templates

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#4: Have a relaxing spa day

Getting the group together in one place to celebrate Galentine’s Day isn’t always easy. Instead of coordinating a large outing, spread the love by inviting all of your friends to create a video, sharing their favorite at-home beauty remedies. Whether sharing your go-to avocado hair mask, a homemade salt scrub, or your favorite combination of essential oils, our DIY: Beauty Tutorial template makes it easy to connect and relax this Valentine’s Day.

#5: Reminiscing on a love story

Is there a special couple in your life who you admire? From in-laws and parents to grandparents and close family friends, use our Anniversary Celebration template to honor them, with photos spanning their relationship and quotes highlighting their love for one another.

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