How to Collect Wedding Photos from Guests with Eversnap

Moira West


When I got married, we put disposable cameras down on each and every table. But it took me until around my second anniversary to get the photos developed and, when I did, a quarter of the shots were thumbs and about half of them were of a friend named Mike, who was determined to appear in as many photos as possible.

That’s why I was pretty jealous when a close friend got married recently and used a cloud-based service called Eversnap to collect her wedding photos. It was easy to use and you could collect most of the photos in the few days following the wedding, instead of waiting until you could get rolls of film developed.

Take a look at our quick Eversnap tutorial, which shows you how to go from your wedding day to your post-wedding video in just a few simple steps.

Song: “Good Day Raggae Sun” by Gor Mkhitarian
  1. Sign up and make an album. When you sign up for Eversnap, you’ll be asked to choose a package. All packages allow unlimited photo and video uploads and let you download everything to your computer at full resolution, so you’ll have images that are high-quality enough to be printed and high definition video clips that’ll look great in a wedding video slideshow.

  2. Send instructions to your guests. Eversnap gives you 200 sets of printed instructions to send to guests, explaining how to share their photos and video clips. You can include the instructions in your invitations to make sure everyone gets them, but you might want to leave a reminder for guests to use the service in your wedding program, or in the welcome package you leave at guests’ hotels, too.

    Eversnap instructions
  3. Guests upload photos and video clips. Wedding guests can either share their images using the Eversnap app for iOS or Android, or by logging onto Eversnap’s website.

    Uploading photos to Eversnap
  4. Download your favorites. To download a favorite image or video clip, just select it and then click on the High Quality button to the right of your selection. If you save all your images and video clips in the same folder on your computer, it’ll be easy to add them to an Animoto video later. You can also order prints or other products, too.

    Downloading photos and video clips
  5. Create a video. Start an Animoto video, choosing a good video style for your wedding, and a song to match. Upload the images and video clips you saved from Eversnap, decide which order you’d like them in, and, before you know it, you’ll have a beautiful wedding slideshow video like the one below.

Song: “The Big Day” by Michael Maina

And though I’ve mostly focused on weddings, Eversnap offers a simple way to collect images and video from any large gathering — family reunions, bar mitzvahs, or any other kind of celebration.

If a cloud-based service like Eversnap isn’t your speed, take a look at a few other ways to compile your wedding images after the big day. Or, if you have a surefire method we haven’t mentioned, let us know in the comments below or reach out on Twitter or Facebook by tagging @Animoto.