5 Must-Take Photos for Capturing Your Travel Adventure

Jean Newman Glock


When putting together an album or slideshow video telling the story of a trip, vacation, or travel adventure, it can be hard to decide what to include and what to leave out. You want to tell the story of your trip without overwhelming your friends and family with hundreds of photos.

I just returned from a “Great British Adventure” (read more about that here). Traveling to Scotland and England in February is cold with eight hours of sunlight but the adventure was extraordinary.  When I got home, I wanted to share my experience as succinctly as possible, so I challenged myself to convey my my experience in just 5 photos.  While I included more than these five photos in my video slideshow, I believe that these five on their own capture the essence of my adventure. Check out my video and then read on so learn how I  chose the five photos and videos to tell my story.


We all agree, anticipation is a big part of our travel experience and I love sharing a photo of what I hope to discover.  For this trip, it was a simple chalkboard map of  Scotland, noting many of the delicacies I hoped to taste.  I had taken the photo on a previous trip, at the café in the National Museum of Scotland. It fascinated me and my followers as did this photo of Scottish Blue Cheeses.

Scottish Blue Cheeses


You have made it to your first stop and the adventure has begun.  I always find a photo that sets the scene for your next day’s explorations.  For this trip it was a photo of the iconic Edinburgh Castle at night.  Even better that it was from my bedroom window.   For my slideshow,I also added a video that I took of a Scottish bagpiper playing on my first walk through town.


Experiences Not Landmarks

You have set the scene and now I would suggest if you are showing landmarks, give it a new perspective or have a short story to tell about your shot. My choice here would be my fabulous falconry lesson at Gleneagles Hotel at the entrance to the Scottish Highlands.  Known for golf, I chose to highlight something many have not had the chance to experience.  And my caption was “Bonding with Victor, a cheeky teenage hawk who taught me the history and psychology of this sport.”

Jean Newman Glock Hawk

Food and drink

There were so many choices to share here from this trip. Whiskey tasting, Michelin star dining and of course, the a proper British tea.   If I had to choose one, it would be the British tea.

Whiskey Tasting

Knock your socks off luxury

On every trip, you will be astounded by something…hopefully.  On this one, it was a hotel.  The Lanesborough Hotel at Hyde Park Gate in London.  This hotel transported me to the opulence of Regency London. More House Museum than hotel, there are two original Joshua Reynolds portraits, original art throughout,  and a décor that cost over 85 million GBP.


It would have been so much easier to tell the story of this trip with 100 pictures, but my friends and readers may not have thought so. So when you come back from your next trip, take a look through your photos and choose five that tell the story of your adventure.

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