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How to Add Music to an Instagram Story (4 Easy Steps)

Megan O'Neill


Did you know that Animoto comes with thousands of licensed songs you can use to create vertical videos? We also feature hundreds of music tracks to our iOS app, Animoto: Social Video Editor. Read on to learn more about both tools and discover how you can use them to add the music to your Instagram Stories, or jump over to our list of 7 Upbeat, Commercial Songs for Your Next Advertising Video on IG Stories.

New music for Instagram Stories

More than 60% of people watch Instagram Stories with the sound on. And now you’ve got access to thousands of music tracks in the Animoto web app, and more than 700 commercially licensed tracks on our iOS app.

The songs in our Music Library are curated by the Animoto team with your videos in mind. Find the right song, every time, with easy filtering options.

Use music filters to find a song for Instagram Stories

How to add Instagram Story music using Animoto

Animoto lets you create vertical Stories right from your computer. Our video creation tools also feature thousands of songs for you to choose from. Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Log into Animoto

Head to Animoto and log in. If you’re new to Animoto, it only takes a minute to sign up for a free account.

Step 2: Create a Story

Start a new Story by creating a vertical video. Start with a customizable template, like the New Product Promo template shown below, or start from scratch. If you like a template that’s square or horizontal, choose it anyway! You can always change it to a vertical video later.

Step 3: Choose your music

After you’ve created your story, pick a song that matches it. Click the Music button at the top of your workspace. Once you do, you’ll be taken to the Music Library. Here are the filters you’ll find there:

Search: If you know the name of a song, artist, or keyword, enter it up top in our search tool to find the song you want.

Mood: Select your soundtrack based on the feeling you want to give your Story. Find whimsical songs, uplifting music, or dramatic tracks for your post. To see all of the available options, click See All Moods.

Genre: You can sort through our library using almost 40 different genres. Try out our selection hip hop, pop, blues, jazz, acoustic, rock, and more. To see all of the available options, click See All Genres.

Find songs for your Instagram Stories in the Music Library

Favorite: If you find a song you like, you can favorite it by clicking on the heart icon that appears next to the song in our Music Library. Then you can find it again by clicking on the Your Music tab under the Music Library.

Upload a track: Have a song you already love? You can add it to your Story by clicking the Upload button under the Your Music tab.

Other filters: There are a few other filters you can use to narrow your search. If you click See All Moods or See All Genres, you’ll be taken to our complete list of songs. You’ll see the mood and genre filters, but you can also filter by tempo or by whether or not the song is an instrumental. You can also find your Favorites on this screen under the Collections filter.

Step 4: Adjust your sound

Once you’ve chosen a song, there are a few ways to customize it to work with your Stories. Your song will appear directly under your workspace. You’ll be able to see a graphic showing the music’s wavelengths, along with a few extra tools.

Change the volume. On the top right side of your song, you’ll see a speaker icon. Click that to get a volume slider that’ll let you raise the overall volume of your Story. Why change the volume? If you have a lot of speaking or sound in your Stories, a lower volume will make the other audio easier to hear.

Delete your song. Don’t want music at all? Click the trash icon to get rid of your song.

Adjust where your song starts. Click on the bumper at either the beginning or end of your song and drag it to change start or end points of your music track.

Adjusting the music in your Instagram Stories

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How to add Instagram Story music using our iOS app

We’ve got a complete guide to How to Add Music to an Instagram Story that’ll show you how to use the Instagram Story Music stickers, plus best practices for sound in IG Stories. But in this article we’ll show you how to add music to your Instagram Story using our iOS app.


Before you get started, you’ll need our app on your iOS device. You can download the Animoto: Social Video Editor for free in the App Store. Check out the video below to find out how it works.


Log into the app and make a new Story. You can start with a customizable template, like the one pictured below, or begin from scratch. Read all about the ins and outs of the app and all its features in this guide right here.



Once you’ve created your video, it’s time to select a music track that fits. Tap the Music icon and then use the mood and genre filters to find the right track for your Story.

Instagram Stories Music

Tap through to search for music using the following filters:

  • Mood: Choose a song based on the mood you want to convey in your Story. Are you looking for something grooving? Funky? Cinematic? Scroll through and choose from more than 40 mood filters.
  • Genre: Our library can also be sorted by genre. We’ve got instrumental music, hip hop, pop, blues, country, jazz, rock, and more.
  • Recently Used: Have a few go-to favorites? These’ll be saved and easy to find under "Recently used" in the music library.
  • Top songs for this template: If you’re using a template, we’ve got you covered. Our team has curated songs that work well for each of our Story templates.
  • Editor’s Choice: We’ve curated a few selections full of songs that are great choices for Instagram Stories
  • Full library: Browse through our complete library of hundreds of songs to discover new songs you haven’t seen yet.

Have you checked out the music library in our app yet? What’s your favorite track? Join our private Facebook group, the Animoto Social Video Marketing Community, and let us know.