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Our Top 6 Songs for Halloween Videos

Moira West


Halloween is creeping up on us. And if you’re creating your own Halloween video or slideshow, you’ll need a spooky soundtrack to go with it.


That’s why we’ve rounded up some of our favorite spine-tingling tunes from our music library. Check out the video below to hear a sample of each of the songs in our list. Then search for the track names or artists in our music selector to add them to your video.

  • “Halloween” by Jennifer Grimm and Joe Alley
  • “Mad Scientist” by Christian Night, Jeffrey W. Wade, Richard Escobedo, and Ruben Ayala
  • “Right This Way” by Richard Friedman
  • “Spider” by Joseph Rusnak
  • “Monster Hop” by Drew Milligan and Michael Watkins
  • “Carnival Touch” by John Hunter Jr, Jonathan Slott, and Marlon Gibbons

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