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The Premium Stock Library: Get Unlimited Access to over 100 Million Photos & Videos from Getty Images

Kari Livesay


Finding the right images and clips for your videos is quick and easy with our Getty Images stock library–and with the launch of our Professional Plus plan, our stock library just got bigger and better.

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The stock library can be accessed easily in any new or existing Animoto project. Search for terms related to what you’re looking to add to your video and drag and drop your results directly into your Animoto video project. Already on the Professional Plus plan, or ready to upgrade and start exploring Premium stock? We’ve got tips and tricks to help you make the most of our new and improved library.

What’s included in the Premium Stock Library

Our Premium Stock Library, included with the Professional Plus plan, offers unlimited access to 100 million+ commercially licensed professional stock images and video clips. You can access and utilize HD stock footage and photo and easily adapt the content to your brand.

Benefits of Premium stock

  • Even more high-quality content. Easily create captivating content. The quality of our HD stock footage is second to none, helping your content stand out from the rest.
  • Less money and time spent. Searching for stock photos and videos in a secondary program is time-consuming and can be expensive. Our Premium Stock Library eliminates both of those issues, allowing you to access and utilize an unlimited amount of photos and videos within Animoto.

Tips for making the most of the Premium Stock Library

The power of video is incomparable, and when you have the strength of 100 million+ Getty photos and videos behind you, you can easily create click-worthy, engaging, and beautiful content.

Scroll on for some of our best tips for utilizing our Premium stock, or start creating right away.

Use specific search terms

If you don’t find what you’re looking for during your first search, try searching again with more specific keywords. The content in our assets library is searchable according to tags associated with them in Getty images, so the more specific your search is, the greater your chance is of finding content that fits your needs.

We recommend using multiple keyword combinations. For example, if you’re looking for media options for New York City, get specific! Do you want a photo of a fall day in New York City? Maybe you’d like a video of Brooklyn in the summer? Or how about an image of New York City at Christmas time? Don’t be shy in choosing, and mixing and matching your keywords.


Search by different media types and ratios

Narrow down your search even more by selecting specific media types and ratios.

In the Media Library, you can search various types of media, including photos, illustrations, and videos, as well as different ratios, including square, horizontal, and vertical.

If you know you’re making a video in which you’re only going to include photos, choose the “photos” option, eliminating illustrations and videos from your search.

Similarly, if you’re looking for content that will best fit a Facebook or Instagram Story, search vertical ratios, eliminating content options that are a better fit for square and horizontal videos.

Combine stock with your own photos and video clips

You can also use Premium stock content in conjunction with your own photos and videos.

To add your content to the Media Library, click on the on Project tab. You’ll be given the option to upload or drag and drop your content into your Library.

Not sure when to combine your own content with Premium stock content?

Maybe you want to share a birthday wish with a friend or family member that you can’t see in person this year. Just because you aren’t celebrating with them doesn’t mean you can’t get them a cake with candles to blow out.

Use our Birthday Card template and include photos and videos of your friend. At the end, upload a Premium stock video of a birthday cake with candles being blown out, so your friend can make a virtual wish.

Perhaps you’re announcing the launch of your latest fall collection. You have beautiful photos of your products, but you don’t have any photos or videos of a crisp autumn afternoon to get your customers into the fall spirit. No problem!

Use our Collection Launch template and include photos of your products next to a stock photo of a crunchy pile of red and yellow leaves or a collection of bright orange pumpkins.

Trim, cut, and crop your photos and videos without leaving Animoto

You’ve made your video, reviewed it, and decided it’s almost perfect, but a few things need to be resized. Simply crop and edit your content within Animoto.

Edit your photos and videos within Animoto

Trim video clips: The scissors icon on the bottom right of your block will take you to the Trim Video screen. To trim your video, drag the blue bumpers to where you’d like the clip to start and stop, then click Apply.

Adjust scale: Click on an image or video clip you’d like to adjust, and you’ll see a new set of controls, including one for scale. Click on the Scale button, and a slider bar will appear. This tool lets you zoom in or out on your selected media in your block.

Rotate your media: Click on the Rotate icon, and your image or video clip will shift 90 degrees clockwise.


Get started with Premium stock now

With so many high-quality photo and video options to choose from, the right shot for your video is literally just a search away.