Everything You Need to Make a Personalized Valentine Video

Moira West


Want to create a video for your love this Valentine's Day and not sure where to start? To help you create your own heartfelt video valentine, we’ve put together a guide with everything you need.


Read on for valentine video templates, suggested color palettes, tips for finding imagery for your video, and even what to say to your valentine.

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Valentine’s Day video templates

A good video valentine tells a story. Which is why we've made your life easy by putting together a collection of Valentine's Day templates for both business and personal use to make storytelling easy.

If you're creating a video for your sweetheart, we recommend starting with the Video Valentine template below.

You can also check out the Engagement Slideshow and Happy Birthday Slideshow templates. Both have narratives that can easily be customized to create a video for a loved one.

You can also start a video from scratch, instead of using a template. Looking for start from scratch video inspiration? Check out our list of Valentine’s Day video ideas, complete with video suggestions for romantic partners, family members, or even promoting your business.

Customizing your valentine video template

Once you've selected your video template, you can personalize it for your Valentine. Here are some of the different things you can do:

  • Drag and drop to add your own photos and video clips.
  • Edit the text to share a message that will make your loved one feel special.
  • Update the font and color to personalize your video even further.
  • Select a song from our music library.

We'll share additional tips to help you through each of these customizations in the following sections.

Finding images for your Valentine’s Day video

One of the funnest parts about creating a video for your valentine is taking a trip down memory lane to find photos to use. Not sure where to look? Here are a few ideas:

  • Scroll through your camera roll. Look back through photos you have on your phone and gather photos of some of your most memorable moments together.
  • Look on Facebook. What photos have you posted of yourself with your Valentine? You can download the photos from Facebook to add to your video.
  • Check Instagram. You can also grab photos off of Instagram. Screenshot them from your own account, or from your valentine's account. Crop them before adding them to your video.

We recommend putting all of your images in a single folder. Then, sort through to choose the most meaningful photos to include in your final video.

Once you've made your selections, upload all of your photos and video clips into Animoto. If you’re short a few images, you can access over a million photos and video clips in our Getty Images library as part of your subscription. Try searching for "love," "hearts," or "valentine."

Choosing colors for your valentine video

The colors you use in your video can help set the tone. Bright, playful colors make a good choice for valentines for friends or family, and a traditional red color palette would look beautiful in a more romantic video.

All of our Valentine’s Day templates have colors that would look lovely in a Valentine’s Day video. Plus, we’ve also created a couple custom Valentine’s Day color palettes for you to try. Just add the Hex color codes shown below into Animoto to match the colors we picked.


Finding the right song for your valentine

Music can really set the tone for your video. So take a few minutes to find the right song in our music library—or upload your own track.

Take a look at a few of the ways you can search for your own Valentine’s Day music in the video below. Then, check out our blog post on finding songs for your Valentine’s Day video for more ideas.

Messages to use in your video

Sometimes the hardest part of sharing a Valentine’s Day message is knowing just what to say. Of course, you can stick to the template text. But if you want to go off script, we've pulled together some ideas for you.

We’ve shared our favorite romantic quotes in the video below, but you can also find clever or funny sayings to add to your video in our post on Valentine’s Day quotes.

Sharing your video valentine

After you finish your video, it's time to share it with your valentine! Here are some ideas:

  • Facebook: Post your video on their Facebook page
  • Instagram: Share on your account as a post or Story and tag them
  • Email: Send a link to your video right from Animoto
  • Greeting card: Use a free link shortener, then write your URL in a paper greeting card
  • Device: Cue your video on a computer or mobile device and watch together

If you want to share a video with your valentine on Instagram Stories, we can help you there too! Check out our list of 5 easy Valentine's Day Instagram Story Ideas. It includes 5 examples of Valentine's Day Instagram Stories you can create using our iOS app, Animoto: Social Video Editor, just like the example below.


And there you have it! Everything you need to create a video that your valentine will love. Ready to get started? Dive in and create your own valentine video!