6 Ideas for Holiday Promotions That Aren’t a Sale

Moira West


The holidays offer a chance to make connections with customers. Show them you can give them added value when they’re hunting for gifts during the holiday season, and they’ll remember you next year when they’re doing their holiday shopping. Check out a few of the creative ways you can promote your business this holiday season and stand out from the crowd of businesses that are just offering a holiday sale.

6 Promos that Arent Sales Blog

Promo Idea #1: Gift wrapping

When it gets down to the wire, no one wants to be up all night wrapping presents. Offer gift wrapping, and you’ve given customers a tangible, time-saving benefit. Here's an example of how you might edit the Fall Promo video template to create an ad or post to share to Facebook and Instagram.

Promo Idea # 2: Free shipping

When customers are shopping online during the holidays, the shipping costs can add up fast. If customers can save on shipping, they may put that savings towards another purchase rather than looking for extra gifts elsewhere.

Here's an example below that was created by making a few quick edits to the Cyber Monday video template. It's a good one to consider posting on IG stories on Free Shipping Day, which is on December 14.

Promo Idea #3: Gift guide

Choosing gifts can be agonizing — help customers decide what they want and show them exactly where they can buy it from you. For instance, we used our Product Catalog template to create this gift guide example video:

Promo Idea #4: Free gifts

Giving a little something extra when a customer’s reached a certain price point can help convince them to spend a bit more. Many photographers use this technique, offering video slideshows to move clients up to higher packages, but it works in almost any product-based business.

Promo Idea #5: Personalization or customization

Personalized gifts have a heartfelt quality that’s especially important during the holiday season. So, if you offer a product that customers can make their own, advertise it, or even offer it for free or at a discount during the holidays.

Promo Idea #6: Holiday how-tos

The holidays are a popular time for crafts and baking, so if you run a blog or sell supplies that relate to crafts, cooking, or home improvement, get viewers’ attention with a fun holiday how-to video.

Holiday promotions are all about creating excitement for your business and helping you stand out from similar businesses in your area or online. But if you’re creating a promotion, you’ll have to let customers know. Check out our guide to video marketing for the holidays, or jump in and start making your holiday videos now.

6 Ideas for Holiday Promotions That Aren’t a Sale