Transform Your Company’s Video with Easy Logo Uploading

Lauren Colman


Our team noticed that a lot of businesses added a logo at the beginning or end of their video to add their custom branding. You asked and we answered! Now you can easily add a logo to your video without worrying about the details of animation and timing.

This new feature available to Pro subscribers will allow you to start and/or end your video with an animated version of your logo – a great, professional look to cap off your hard work. Not a Pro subscriber? Upgrade now.

When you create your next video look for the “Add Logo” button to the left of the editing screen.

Animated Logos

It’s easy to add your logo to your video. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Add a logo. Upload your company’s logo.
  2. Select a background color. Choose white or black.
  3. Intro/Outro. Do you want your logo at beginning and/or end of the video?
  4. Add outro caption. Add extra text to the end logo.
  5. Logo animation. Choose from 6 different animation presets.
Add Your Logo

See the logo feature in action: