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News Feed Editorial

Animoto is the Facebook video editor that will get your story out. Introduce new concepts and discuss trends related to your products or industry. Don't just tell your viewers something new, show them.

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Tutorial Video

Provide a how-to instructional video that breaks down any process. Use bright colors and animated text effects to command attention and help viewers reach their goals.

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Facebook Video Ad

Short, concise videos let you share information, along with your brand, quickly and effectively. A 15-second product intro with a strong call to action will jumpstart your sales.

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Tips for making a stunning video for Facebook

  1. Start with an eye-catching photo or video clip Browse through your collection of photos and video clips to find an attention-grabbing option for your first block. An interesting beginning will get followers to keep watching when your video autoplays in their News Feed.
  2. Add bold text and bright colors Spruce up your video with vivid colors and splashy text effects that entice viewers. Select design, style, and filter settings to fine-tune your video.
  3. Keep it short and sweet Facebook ads that are under 30 seconds usually convert better than long-form content. Try shorter content that encourages viewers to take action rather than spending time and energy on a longer video that may not be as effective.

Tips for Facebook video marketing success

  1. Post native video Don’t just share a link to your Facebook video. Upload right into Facebook, so your video will autoplay and look its best. A direct upload is also more likely to get noticed by Facebook’s algorithm and show up in more News Feeds.
  2. Choose a powerful thumbnail The thumbnail is the first thing people see. Make sure it draws viewers in. If you don’t like the thumbnail Facebook gives you to work with, you can also upload one.
  3. Always use a call to action For video ads, you have the option to include a call to action like “Learn more” or “Shop now." But even in News Feed posts, you can include a call to action as text in your video or in your description to encourage your audience to visit your site.

Where to share your Facebook videos

  1. Facebook News Feed videos Whether you’re posting a quick ad or longer content, Facebook’s News Feed helps make it easier to discover your brand. Try making a square video, which will take up 78% more space in News Feeds than horizontal video will.
  2. Facebook profile & cover videos Make your profile stand out with video. Create stylized profile and cover videos to add flavor to your social profile. You can even customize videos to bring attention to new campaigns or promotions.
  3. Facebook Stories Add some serious production value to your Facebook Stories. Create a short clip with beautiful visual effects that will let your Stories to stand out from the crowd.

Case study

See how one tutorial video got 1.4 million Facebook views

Peanut Blossom, a popular lifestyle blog, created an ornament tutorial during the holiday season. Their initial post featuring still images didn’t get much buzz, but that changed when they turned their post into a video tutorial.

Peanut Blossom selected a storyboard template video and quickly posted it to Facebook. While their original post with images reached only 1200 users, the video tutorial got 1.4 million Facebook views. Animoto let the blog make its own professional video content that was fast, relevant and shareable.





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How to make a Facebook video with Animoto

  1. Select a storyboard template or start from scratch
  2. Upload photos and video clips or choose from our library of Getty Images stock
  3. Personalize by changing colors, text, and music
  4. Produce and upload to Facebook in one click

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