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Animoto's drag-and-drop video maker lets you turn photos and video clips into a heartwarming Father's Day slideshow set to music. No video editing experience necessary.

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Celebrate Father's Day with video

Personalize your own video gift for Dad or make marketing videos to promote your business. Combine photos and video clips with your own text. Then pick out colors and add music to create a unique Father's Day video.

Videos designed for Dad

Creative Father's Day video ideas

Father's Day slideshow

Show your dad, husband, or partner that you appreciate all he does. Combine photos of Dad and the kids with text saying how much he's loved.

Make a video

Interview the kids

Ask your children to tell you why their dad is the best. Record their answers on your smartphone and turn them into a sweet video gift for Father's Day.

Make a video

Father's Day video ad

Create an eye-catching Father's Day promo to share on social media. Give customers gift ideas or promote a sale targeted towards dads.

Make a video

Tips for creating heartwarming video Dad will love

  1. Pull up your favorite photosYour old photos and video clips can help you tell a story. Anywhere between 8 and 20 photos or video clips will give you a Father’s Day slideshow that’s just the right length. Look for some when Dad’s little ones were newborns, then work your way up to the present day. Think about big moments, like holidays, birthdays, or vacations. Then add in some everyday moments, too. Find photos from backyard barbecues or the park. Images from several different time periods and events will add variety and interest to your video.
  2. Decide on your color paletteNot sure what colors to use? Take a look at your photos first. Do they have a certain style or color in common? If not, you can look for a simple, neutral color that’ll still match most of your pictures. Or get more personal and base your look on Dad’s favorite color. Animoto makes it easy to change your background and text colors whenever you want, so experiment to find a color palette that works for you.
  3. Find the right musicAnimoto’s music library lets you filter songs by genre, mood, and more. Find a track that matches Dad’s taste or that goes with the message in your video. You can also upload your own licensed music if there’s a special song he loves. Test out the video with the song in place before you finish. You might want to change when the song starts or lower the volume to make it easier to hear your video clips.

3 easy Father's Day marketing ideas

  1. Target Father's Day gift giversLooking to get the attention of shoppers buying Father’s Day gifts? When it comes to Father’s Day promo videos, it pays to start early. Share videos about sales or promotions while family is still out shopping for Dad. Make a gift guide for hard-to-shop-for fathers. Then keep the momentum going with a last-minute Father’s Day promo video to keep driving sales.
  2. Tell a storyCustomers like to buy from brands that feel human. So get personal with a social video that has some heart. If you’ve got a family business, share that story. But even if you don’t, find a dad who inspires you and tell your audience about him. It’ll humanize your brand and give you something special to share for Father’s Day.
  3. Get socialFather’s Day is a great opportunity to connect with customers on social media. And video tends to perform better than either text or still images on Facebook and Instagram. So try to create a few quick videos to grab attention in newsfeeds. Collect quotes about fatherhood or make a list video about dads. These fun videos are highly shareable. Add your logo as a corner watermark to get brand recognition wherever your video is shared.

How to share your video with Dad

  1. Watch your Father's Day slideshow on the televisionCosy up in the living room and let Dad watch his Father’s Day gift on the TV. Burn a DVD, save your video to a USB drive, or use Chromecast or Airplay to get your slideshow ready for the TV. Get more info on how to watch your video on the television on our blog.
  2. Post on social mediaGive Dad more than a simple “Happy Father’s Day” on Facebook. Post your video on social and tag him to make sure he sees it. Stick to the social network he uses most often, whether that’s Instagram, Facebook, or even a video on YouTube.
  3. Send your video in a message or emailMake sure Dad can take your video wherever he goes. Animoto lets you share your video as a text message or in an email. Your recipient can watch it on a mobile device or on a computer as many times as he wants.

Create in minutes

How to make your own Father's Day video in 4 easy steps

  1. Choose a template or start from scratch
  2. Upload your photos and video clips
  3. Personalize your video by changing colors, text, and music
  4. Produce and share your video on social media, via email, or watch it together

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