5 Best Songs for Wedding Video (Plus Video Template)

Beth Forester


If a picture is worth a thousand words, a song may be worth just as much, if not more. For many of us, various songs have played a role in the soundtrack of our lives, so to speak, evoking strong feelings of nostalgia, happiness, melancholy, or comfort. So it goes without saying that the music you choose for your wedding video is no less important or meaningful.

The good news is that, just as every wedding uniquely exhibits the personalities of the bride and groom, there are endless possibilities for songs to feature in your video. We’ve taken the liberty of choosing our 5 favorites from our music library, but at the end of the day, all that matters is that the song fits the couple’s personality and the vibe of the wedding.

Check out the video below to hear a sample of each of our favorite songs and search for the track names or artists in our music selector to add them to your video.

  1. “Best Thing” by Jeremy Kay
  2. "All About Your Heart" (Instrumental) by Mindy Gledhill
  3. “I Do” by Daniel Ho
  4. “Wedding Song” by Ali Weiss
  5. “A Story of Love (Instrumental)” by Dan Philipson