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How to Make Viral Gaming Videos


In a few short years, the world of gaming videos has gone from a shared pastime between friends to a global community. Many people watch gaming videos the same way some of us watch sports or sitcoms.

This blog goes over the how-tos of creating gamer content and how Animoto can help.

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What is a gaming video anyway?

Streaming shows and binge-watching is a cultural phenomenon. For the gamer community, watching them is also becoming the norm.

People around the world stream themselves fighting mutants in the Wastelands of Fallout or slaying dragons in Skyrim while others watch.

Gaming has reached a whole new level.

Whether you’re streaming live or editing the videos in your library, creating and streaming gaming videos has become pretty big business for many.

What are the top benefits from making a gaming video?

It pays

Gaming fanfare has transformed video games into a spectator sport. If influencers have taught us anything, it's that fandom is monetizable.

Producing quality videos and uploading them to YouTube can garner thousands or even millions of views, thus generating advertising revenue.

Sense of belonging

We're all looking for our niche and a sense of belonging. The gamer world provides that same sense of community that some people struggle to find in the real world.

As online networks of gaming enthusiasts grow, they break down barriers and allow people to find friendships, connections, and of course, gaming buddies.

What you need to make a gaming video

Access to the game and gaming platform

First, you need to figure out what game you'd like to share and create content around and what gaming platform you'll use.Double-check that you've got audio narration and proper video demonstration.

Video recorder

A high-quality gameplay video recorder is vital to making quality content. Most video creators use a 4k camera to provide better quality clips and ensure your audience is engaged.

Screen capture software

The next thing is to get screen capturing software, allowing you to divide and conquer. This software will record your screen in real-time and make sure you focus on narrating your video. The software quality can affect your gaming video appearance and how much editing is needed later.

Audio gear

As a content creator, your bread and butter is your audio narration. Viewers will move on to something else if you've got poor quality gear because it'll show in your videos. The more high-quality your audio equipment is, the better your videos will be, increasing audience engagement.

Video editing software

Video editing is essential to any content producer, which includes gaming videos. By editing the video and trimming off any unnecessary clips, it'll transform into something eye-catching to your audience. A good gameplay editor will ensure that your videos don't get lost in a sea of content. Animoto’s online video editor offers text styles and video styles that will allow your gaming videos to stand out.

Green screen

A green screen can be the thing that makes or breaks your video. If your video's background is distracting or off-putting, your video engagement will plummet.

5 tips on how to edit gaming videos

1. Ensure your game runs flawlessly

Before you even start recording, it's essential to make sure your game runs well, meaning there are no lags, delays, or glitches. You want nothing less than flawless. A game that performs poorly will take viewers out of the moment.

2. Adjusting color saturation and profile

The next thing to look at after recording your gaming video, is to revisit the video editor and check if the coloring can be adjusted if needed. Even making the smallest changes to your video can do wonders with how captivating it appears.

3. Trimming gaming videos

Just like making a movie, recording can leave you with a ton of footage. Editing and trimming your content is part of the process. No one likes it when something drags on.

Scrub your video down to highlight the more exciting parts and connect with your audience. If a video is high quality and too long, it can be hard to upload, and a good trim can do wonders.

4. Transitions and effects

A gaming video editor gives you the power to add wicked video transitions and effects, breaking the footage down into bite-sized clips.

5. The narrative

Posting a video without any sound is sure to have your audience clicking “next”. Having a quality narrative and background music brings specific energy and mood to your gaming video, so don't forget that story matters.

What great gaming videos should look like

The video BIGFOOT KNOWS NO MERCY!!, taken from Markiplier's channel on YouTube, jumps right into the deep. It has 2.8 million views and counting, and for a good reason, you can't help but be drawn in.

The sound and video are super clear, drawing you in right away. As they look for Bigfoot in the dark forest, you can hear the sounds of bears growling in the distance between the sounds of rainfall.

It's more like a story that lures you in to see what happens.

How to make stunning gaming videos with Animoto

Choose your video template

Animoto's library of video templates is here to help you give your video the personality it needs to turn heads. If you're searching for templates for social media or slideshow videos, we've got it all. If you want entirely to customize your video, then look no further.

Add your gaming video

First, upload your content or add media from the Getty stock library, with over 100 million images and clips.

Customize your text

Here, you can input whatever message you want. Add customizable text that highlights different sections of your video, or adds more context to the game. Make your text stand out by adding your favorite text styles.

text style hover and preview

Add music to your gaming video

Make your video even more impactful by adding music. Choose from a wide selection of licensed songs.

Use music filters to find a song for Instagram Stories

Make it your own

It’s finally time to tie it all together. Once your video clips, text, and music are in place, try adding video styles. Video styles are sets of transitions, backgrounds, and effects that can make your gaming video stand out.

video style preview

Double-check and you're done

Press the play button in the bottom left-hand corner to preview your video. Once you're comfortable, export your video to embed it on your website or send it over email. Any videos made with Animoto are always saved on your account if you decide to make changes later.

Key benefits of Animoto's online gaming video editor

It's inventive

Animoto helps give you the tools to make incredible videos without needing all the experience or expertise. Our user-centric platform allows anyone to turn a video they had in their head and turn it into reality.

It's super simple

With the Animoto video editor, you can quickly make content that'll grab attention and help drive engagement on your social media. Our platform is easy to use and gives you the freedom to make incredible videos in no time at all.

Create from anywhere

It doesn't matter if you're on your tablet, phone, or using a computer; Animoto is compatible with any desktop or iOS device. Our library of templates, styles, customization options, and music will make your content look amazing, even on the go.

Create gaming videos your audience will want to watch

Now you know how to make gaming videos like a pro. Browse through Animoto’s video templates for inspiration and start making your own gaming videos today.