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Convince Your CMO of the ROI of Social Video [Free Presentation]

Jason Hsiao


As a marketer, your team is likely operating under a lot of constraints. It may be limited resources, limited time, limited budget, or something else. And these constraints may make it difficult for you to convince your Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), team, or boss that you should be using video on social media.


To help you get the green light, I’ve pulled together a list of reasons why social video is worth your time and resources. And, if you’re the presentation type, I’ve put together some slides in PDF, .ppt, and .key, ready to go (download them here)!

Ready to convince your CMO it’s time to add social video to your marketing toolkit?

1. Social media isn’t just for awareness

It’s a common misconception that social media is only good for awareness. Your CMO will likely be more interested in hearing about how social video can lead to real business results. So be sure to share that social video is an effective tool at every stage of the customer journey.

Yes, social video is a wonderful tool for driving awareness at the very top of the funnel. But it doesn’t stop there. Videos about the benefits of your products and how they’re made, tutorials, demos, and testimonials can help customers that are looking to learn more about you. And promotional videos, targeted video ads, product launch, and announcement videos can turn prospects into paying customers.

And don’t forget your current customers! Social video is an effective way to keep them engaged. Share sneak peek videos, highlight customers, announce contests and special deals, and more.

2. Social viewers drives sales

If your CMO is driven by statistics, here’s one to share! 93% of business using social video say that it’s led to a new customer.


3. All the major social platforms are pushing video

Video is taking the world of social media by storm. And it's not just being recommended by social media and marketing experts—it’s being touted by the platforms themselves.

Facebook believes that "video is playing an increasingly important role in connecting people." As a result, they’ve developed an algorithm that strongly favors video in the feed.

LinkedIn has also ramped up their investment in video. The LinkedIn team shared with us that video is the fastest growing type of content on the platform. It’s also the most likely to drive conversations.

Instagram is heavily invested in video as well. Not only do video posts have the highest engagement rate, getting 2X the comments of image posts. But Instagram is also actively promoting new ways for users to share video content, from Instagram Stories to IGTV.

4. Consumers prefer video from brands

We asked consumers what type of content is their favorite to see from brands on social media. The answer? Video. Consumers put video above photos, links, and text.


They’re also more likely to share videos. In fact, video generates 12X more shares than images and text combined.

If your company is already on social media, let your CMO know that you’d like to be posting the type of content customers are craving: video.

6. Social video has SEO benefits

YouTube is often mentioned alongside other social platforms. So don’t miss the chance to remind your CMO that sharing videos to YouTube is a wonderful opportunity to get discovered.

Upload your relevant social media videos, like how-tos, lists, and editorials, to YouTube. It’ll increase your company’s odds of showing up in YouTube search results. Plus, your video could serve as the answer to something a potential customer is Googling too.

Learn more about the benefits of video for SEO in our guide to SEO video marketing.

7. Social media is the new home page

More and more, consumers are heading straight to social media to learn about a company. In fact, we found that 32% of consumers check out a brand’s social media presence before even heading to their website.


Social media has become just as important as your homepage. And a collection of videos about your business story and products is a nice way to help new visitors get to know what you’re all about.

8. Experimenting with video is low cost

If you’re on a team that’s dealing with budget restraints, let your CMO know that video doesn’t have to require a big investment. In fact, the barrier to entry is way lower than your CMO may think. Many businesses are creating videos for social media using their smartphones, DIY video creation tools, and existing imagery or stock.

The best way to convince your CMO that a high-quality video can be created at low cost is to actually make your own example video. It’s not only cost-efficient, but it’s easy to get started.

Most businesses have already invested in great imagery—the photos and design assets used on your website, in blog posts, or in other marketing collateral. Simply drop these assets into an Animoto template, update the text, and customize it with your logo and colors to show your CMO how good a low-budget option can look.

9. You don't need to hire outside people

I alluded to this in my last point, but it’s important to reiterate for your CMO that you don’t need to hire a video marketing producer or team to start using video on social media. Social video is completely DIY-capable. Whoever’s already creating content for social media can simply start creating videos. Check out the video below to see how easy it is.

And there you have it. Don't forget to check out our free slides to help your conversation go smoothly. Good luck!