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4 Animoto Customers Making a Splash on Social with Video

Moira West


There are thousands of businesses using Animoto every day to get their companies noticed. We wanted to share just a few of their stories with you, so we interviewed three of our customers who have found innovative ways to promote their brands on social media. Check their stories below, and you may find some inspiration you can take back to your own business.


Alexis Todd-Dinac, Product Marketing Manager at Visor

Alexis works on the marketing team at Visor, a collaborative workspace tool. She and her team saw a need humanize their brand, including their website, knowledge base, and blog. That's when she started using Animoto's screen and webcam recorder to make personalized how-to videos for social.

What types of videos do you make with Animoto?

I typically create videos for our blog and social media to help users succeed and demonstrate the value of our product. How-to, FAQ, and support videos have turned our Youtube channel into an online knowledge base that helps us build out our brand and attract new customers.

How do you measure the success of a video?

For these videos, success looks like increased viewership, better brand recognition, and more site traffic. We know a video is doing its job when our customers are able to self-serve answers to their questions. At the end, they get a positive experience and are more connected to the brand. Simple help articles and screenshots just can't deliver the same results.

What is your favorite thing about Animoto?

It has to be the drag-and-drop templates! The first time I used Animoto, I understood what I needed to do. I found the template I needed, dropped in my script, and recorded my visuals. It was plug and play and I loved the video I created.

Rachael Dowling, Owner & Founder of Elegant Exposure INC.

Rachael started off as a photographer, but she’s branched out since then, becoming a marketer and educator who helps businesses get noticed. She’s been using Animoto since 2010, and shared a little bit about how she’s using Animoto in her business, now called Drone Lady Productions.

What types of videos do you make with Animoto?

I mostly make social media sneak peek videos for our wedding clients and videos to market myself to real estate agents. I love how quick and easy it is to put together a video that looks and feels professional. Especially videos for my business! Recently, I've been using Animoto's Social Video Editor to make videos for TikTok (like the one below)!

Tiktok Animoto Video Rachael Dowling

How do you measure the success of a video?

Honestly, algorithms change all the time. I'm not all about likes. When I see people share my videos or tag friends, that's when my videos are most successful!

What is your favorite thing about Animoto? My favorite thing? Just one? I think just how current Animoto stays with trends, and the ability to edit videos from my phone. That's been huge!

Kathy Lewis, Real Estate Agent

Since 2012, Kathy has been using Animoto to promote her real estate business and to create personal videos and slideshows to share with loved ones. Here’s what she had to say about how she’s using Animoto today.

What types of videos do you make with Animoto?
I make real estate videos, testimonial videos, promotional videos, holiday videos, fun videos, awareness videos, personal videos, and silly videos.

How do you measure the success of a video? I measure the success of a video by the number of views and the amount of engagement and/or comments I receive, especially organic views.

What is your favorite thing about Animoto? Ease of use. It's fast and easy to learn. One just has to get creative to make it stand out. Using Animoto has been a fun experience for me. I’ve used other video tools, but Animoto is by far the easiest. I can put something together rather quickly. That’s the key to putting out lots of videos for social—just get them out there.

Gerson Lopes, Photographer

Gerson has been using Animoto since 2010. He’s been sharing stunning Stories on Instagram that have helped him build his following and boost signups.

What types of videos do you make with Animoto?

My marketing is mainly through Instagram, so I use Animoto for Stories and Reels, because of its vertical video format. I also use the square video format to post little videos on my feed.

How do you measure the success of a video?

By the number of views first, and the engagement second—the likes and comments.

What is your favorite thing about Animoto?

How easy it is to create a video on my phone or computer. They look attractive and professional.

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