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March Social Holidays to Celebrate with Video

Lucas Killcoyne


It’s hard enough to keep up with the special occasions that you’ve known about for your whole life. So how are you supposed to keep track of the growing list of social media holidays like #InternationalCoffeeDay or #GrandparentsDay?


We’ve put together a Social Calendar to make your life easier, so you’ll be prepared to celebrate and to get those valuable social impressions.

Each month, we round up a list of holidays to be aware of—social and otherwise—as well as inspiration for videos to create for them. We’re giving them to you a couple weeks early so you’ve got plenty of time to prepare.

Don’t feel any obligation to create something for every holiday on the list. The holidays you celebrate should tie back to your business in a way that’s clear to your customers. The good news is there are plenty to choose from.

March Social Holidays

With March just around the corner, we've rounded up a list of social holidays to celebrate with video. Here's a quick list, but read on for some ideas and inspiration for each specific holiday, complete with a few examples along the way. Take a look through and decide which videos you’ll make!

  • March 6, 2020: Employee Appreciation Day
  • March 8, 2020: International Women's Day
  • March 8, 2020: Daylight Savings begins at 2:00 AM
  • March 14, 2020: Pi Day
  • March 17, 2020: St. Patrick's Day
  • March 19, 2020: First Day of Spring
  • March 23, 2020: National Puppy Day
  • March 29, 2020: National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day
  • March 28, 2020: Earth Hour Day

March 6: Employee Appreciation Day

Highlight the people who make your business what it is with our Milestone Celebration video template. Grab photos from company gatherings or clips from around the office and call out your company achievements and the people who worked to accomplish them.

Hashtags to look out for: #EmployeeAppreciationDay, #EmployeeAppreciation

March 7: Daylight Savings

Technically, Daylight Savings falls on Sunday, March 8, but you might consider sharing a video on the 9th to remind your customers about the clock-change, and earn yourself a little goodwill while you’re at it.

Hashtags to look out for: #DaylightSavings, #SpringForward

March 8: International Women's Day

Share a list of inspiring quotes for International Women’s Day using our Editorial Quote List template.

Hashtags to look out for: #InternationalWomensDay, #IWD2020, #IWD20, #IWD

March 14: Pi Day

Break out the oven mitts and whip up a tasty social video for Pi Day. Our Tabletop Recipe and Trendy Social Recipe templates have everything you need to put something together.

Hashtags to look out for: #PiDay, #PiDay2019

March 17: St. Patrick’s Day

If your business is wearing green for St. Paddy’s, grab your smartphone and snap a few pictures and video clips to show your pride in a video for social.

Hashtags to look out for: #StPatricksDay, #StPatricksDay2020

March 19: First Day of Spring

The return of Spring is reason to celebrate for many of us. Create something simple to welcome the return of the warmer months on behalf of your business. Here's a simple, one-block video example we used to celebrate the first day of Spring in our Facebook group a couple years ago.

Hashtags to look out for: #FirstDayofSpring

March 23: National Puppy Day

Get in on the puppy love by spotlighting office dogs or four-legged work-from-home assistants, or just use it as an excuse to share something cute. Our Editorial video template can be swapped out with your own cute puppy pics.

Looking to get creative? Our 4 Reasons to Smile template is a lighthearted template that can provide a good jumping-off point for your video too.

Hashtags to look out for: #NationalPuppyDay #PuppyDay

March 28: Earth Hour Day

Earth Hour is celebrated at 8:30pm local time on Saturday March 28 by switching off the lights at your home and business for one hour. Document your participation in Earth Hour and share it with your customers. Our Wellness Explainer storyboard will give you a framework to capture your experience as well as discuss the "why" behind Earth Hour.

Hashtags to look out for: #EarthHour, #EarthHour2020

March 29: National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day

If you own a mom and pop business, don’t miss a chance to celebrate yourself! Our Business Story storyboard was designed precisely for videos like this one, and should help you encourage your social following to shop local and support small businesses.

Hashtags to look out for: #nationalmomandpopbusinessday

Did we miss anything?

If we missed any essential March holidays, let us know in the comments! For more video inspiration, as well as feedback on your work from fellow video creators, join our private Facebook group, the Animoto Social Video Marketing Community.

Stay tuned in the coming months for more holidays that you may or may not have heard of already!