Which Style Should I Use? I’m a Children’s Photographer

Moira West


Sometimes, finding the perfect video style for children can be a challenge. They aren’t adults, after all, so they need a style that compliments their innocence, energy, and sense of fun. So we’ve put together a list of our favorite video styles for kids to complement your children’s photography.


Co-designed with wedding photographer Jared Platt, this style emphasizes your photography while offering full-frame video support and customization options. For example, Melissa Hernandez of Hot Pink Studio created a video that not only fit her business’s look and feel, but also offered a fun color palette that complemented her tiny client.
Create a video with Documentary


Co-designed with portrait photographer Tamara Lackey, your photos are enveloped in the soft glow that highlights the innocence of the children you photograph.
Create a video with Innocence.


This style presents photos in wooden frames and gives them a warm cast. A great fit for outdoor or fall-themed shoots, Rustic’s animations will delight children and families.
Create a video with Rustic.

Away We Go

Co-designed with Clickin Moms, an online community for female photographers, this style showcases your imagery in a vibrant and colorful way. Take a look at how the photographers at Clickin Moms use their style to present their amazing images:
Create a video with Away We Go.


Newborn photographer Kelly Brown co-designed this sweet, textured style to frame photos of newborns in a soft, beautiful way, but it also works well for children’s photography that warrants a gentler mood.
Create a video with Grace

Safari Friends

A delightful parade of animals, big and small, adorns this adorable style that’s a fun, animated way to present children’s photos.
Create a video with Safari Friends

The Page Turner

Co-designed with Vanessa Joy and Rob Adams, this charming style can bring a child’s photo album to life.
Create a video with The Page Turner

It doesn’t matter if you client is a tiny baby or a too-cool-for-school pre-teen, there’s a style that will work for you. Try out one of the styles we’ve suggested, or take a look at one of the more than 90 styles Animoto has to offer.