Which Style Should I Use for Senior Portrait Photography?

Moira West


A high school student’s senior year should be happy, fun, and full of energy. So when creating video slideshows for senior clients, the style you choose should match those emotions. Here’s a list of our favorite styles to help to create the mood when telling a senior’s story with image. Take a look and find the right fit for your seniors:

Senior Year

Co-designed with portrait photographer Sarah Petty, this playful style captures the joie de vivre of youth and beyond.
Create a video with Senior Year


Co-designed with leading fashion photographer Lindsay Adler, this dynamic style offers cutting edge transitions for extra finesse and flair.
Create a video with Runway

Modern Minimalist

Based on Design Aglow’s popular Modern Minimalist collection, this full-frame style also lets you view two portrait photographs in one slide. It offers a sleek, unfiltered presentation for senior portraits.
Create a video with Modern Minimalist


Co-designed with the team at Seniors Ignite, this fun, fashionable style uses bursts of subtle filters to give videos a contemporary look.
Create a video with Ignite

The Arena

Step into the zone with this sporty style, which lets senior athletes and teams take the field to show off their prowess.
Create a video with The Arena


Switching transitions, with a hint of moving text in the background, this style offers a dynamic and contemporary feel to your slideshow.
Create a video with Vogue

Animoto Original

Our original style, this classic is time-tested and user-approved for all occasions. It also works well for Instagram marketing – a growing necessity for senior photographers.
Create a video with Animoto Original

Your senior photography slideshow should capture the joy and energy of the final year of high school. Try out one of the styles we’ve suggested, or take a look at one of the more than 90 styles Animoto has to offer to find the right one for your client.