Celebrating Maternity Photography with Video

Moira West


Pregnancy is an amazing time for most women, but with all the physical changes taking place (not to mention the sheer exhaustion), many women just don’t feel very beautiful during this phase. They can’t see the glow they give off or the loveliness of their new shape. A maternity photographer, however, can see those things and is able to show their clients their true beauty .

So we’re dedicating this post to some of our favorite maternity photographers by highlighting their video slideshows.

Acclaimed maternity photographer Ana Brandt loves taking advantage of the natural light and scenery in outdoor shoots. In the video below, she captures her client in a soft blue lace that complements the subtle greens, browns, and yellows of the gorgeous California landscape.

_Style: Documentary

Bruna Veratti helps re-create the intimate feel of her a maternity session in her studio with lots of behind-the-scenes footage and a gentle song that accentuates her beautiful natural light photography.

Style: Timeless
Song: “A Mother’s Love” (Instrumental) by Jonathan Elias and Sarah Trevino

Audrey Perez Photography puts family at the forefront in her outdoor shoot, making her video a story about the family, not just the mother. Video clips of the clients’ first child playing with her parents give the photographs added movement and sweetness.

Style: Grace
Song: “Bedtime Song” by Mindy Gledhill

Laura Gattis’s imaginative shoot takes place in a grocery store, following the expectant mother as she shops. In the video, Laura’s client examines produce as if to say, “Is my baby pineapple-size this week?”, gives in to pregnancy cravings in the cereal aisle, and manages to look stunning at every turn.

Style: Documentary
Song: “Maybe” (Instrumental) by Sparrow

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