3 Boudoir Photography Videos That Will Boost Your Business

Moira West


The challenges of marketing boudoir photography don’t faze Katherine Henry, who has been using her amazing marketing videos to get attention for her boudoir photography business. We sat down with her to ask exactly what kind of videos she thinks are the most important to boudoir photographers when they first start to market their work with video.

“I think boudoir can be tricky because you may be thinking you want to keep it a G- or PG- rating, and where do you really start? The great thing about video is that you can really feature anything! A product, your studio — even you, the photographer, talking to potential clients,” shares Katherine. But she also has clear priorities when it comes to her marketing strategy. Take a look at her list of must-have video types for boudoir:

1.  Behind-the-scenes videos

“I really think video is a great way for people to get to know me.” In fact, one of Katherine’s favorite ways to market her business is with a behind-the scenes video, because it shows how well she works with clients. “Seeing me pose a client or talk to a camera gives my prospective clients so much more background before coming to the studio.”

For example, her current behind-the-scenes video shows clients exactly what they can expect – from hair and makeup to posing to photos.

Style: Frameless
Song: “My Delicious Love” by Michelle Lockey

2.  Studio Portfolio/Business Card

Katherine has a few of these ready for clients, from a standard video business card to promos designed for styled shoots or bridal boudoir, like the video featured below. “Creating this variety allows me to share and use each video a bit differently, depending on the audience and what my end goal is.” Not sure where to begin? A general boudoir business card is a good place to start.

Style: Frameless
Song: “I Adore” by Mindy Gledhill

3.  Product Videos

Katherine also uses video to show off her incredible product line. “When clients are searching for a photographer, not only are they searching for a style they like, but also a final product they want to treasure forever or gift to someone special. Still photos of products can show nicely, but a video of a product can bring it to a whole new level.” In this video highlighting her product line, she does a wonderful job of showing viewers all the different options for sharing images with a loved one.

Style: Frameless
Song: “Heart Beats” by Melinda Ortner

Want to get started marketing your boudoir business with video? Why not start with Katherine’s go-to style, Frameless, which lets you customize the colors, fonts and transitions of your video.