Ana Brandt’s Top 5 Songs for Maternity Photography Videos

Moira West


Renowned maternity photographer Ana Brandt has a great ear for music as well as an eye for breathtaking photography. She has to — video is a huge part of how she markets her business and the right music helps her build the emotion in those videos. So we asked Ana to share some of her favorite Triple Scoop Music tracks for maternity sessions to help you find music for your own videos.

Ana’s picks have a sense of movement that matches her videos, which often include several video clips in addition to her beautiful images. She also relies heavily on instrumentals that don’t distract from the video’s focus — the mother-to-be. Take a look at her top picks, and find some inspiration for your next maternity photography video.

  1. “Atelier” by Caity Copley: This upbeat, evocative piano tune is Ana’s favorite for maternity sessions.
  2. “A Story of Love” by Dan Phillipson: With elegant violin and piano, this gentle track echoes the sense of longing expectant mothers feel as they wait for their baby.
  3. “Being Alive” by Carey Ott: Acoustic guitar and piano combine in this wistful song to create a sense of anticipation for parents waiting for their little one.
  4. “Fire” by Mark Buegler: This whimsical song has a strong beat, giving your videos verve and a sense of fun.
  5. “It’s Wonderful” by Supernova: Both bright and dramatic at the same time, this instrumental would be a good choice for behind-the-scenes videos.

Maternity photography videos should be joyful and full of excitement — just like all the best parts of waiting for a little one to enter the world. And with the right music, you can share those feelings with anyone viewing your video — including your clients.

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