How to Make a Great Road Trip Video

Megan Etzel


Road trips are an all-American staple that embody the saying that life’s a journey, not a destination. And video gives you a way to remember your journey and take the memories with you wherever you go. We’ve put together a list of tips to help you create your own road trip video, like the one from the Holcombe family featured below.

Document the preparations

Take photos of things like roadmaps, directions, snacks, coolers, and the impressive way in which you’ve managed to shove your entire bedroom into your truck space. This will give a great before-and-after effect when you create your video.

Make your video on your phone

When it isn’t your turn to drive, take a moment and start creating your video. Download the Animoto iOS app and use it to make Stories you can share while you’re on the go. That way you can tell friends and family about your trip long before you get to your final destination. Try our Vacation Recap template in the app if you need inspiration to help you get started.


Shoot in episodes

Rather than taking all of your photos in just a few places, be sure to spread out your photos by taking at least one or two pictures every place you visit. This will make your video seem more like a journey, as the viewer will get a better sense of the time it took and the number of miles traveled.

Capture all the things wacky and unusual

It’s a no-brainer to take ample photos of the biggest ball of twine located in Minnesota, but also don’t forget to document any interesting people you encounter, funny signs, or inside jokes. You can laugh together later at that picture of you becoming friends with a gang of Harley Davidson bikers or when the “Geriatric Happy Hour 3 to 5” sign shows up in your video.


Shoot from different perspectives

Shooting from the same perspective becomes repetitive, so be sure to include variety. Include wide shots, medium shots and close ups. You could also utilize angles and distance to create hilarious photos. You can have friends stand at a distance from landmarks to create funny effects, like the woman pretending to chow down on the Leaning Tower of Pisa does below.


Include video clips

Take video of telephone poles, cows, and fields whizzing by. The video aspect will drive home the point that you’re on the move. You can also add shots of passengers as you go, catching them singing along to a favorite song or falling asleep in the backseat.

Share your story

Once the road trip’s done, don’t forget to share your video with the people you went on your adventure with. Email out the finished video or tag them on social to make sure they get to share in the memories, too.

Want to make a video about your latest road trip? Well, what are you waiting for!