Create a Timelapse Video of What’s Growing In Your Garden

Brett Petersel


Spring’s in the air! Now that we’re expecting moderate temperatures across the country (buh-bye, winter), it’s time to enjoy the outdoors, with activities like gardening and planting.

Building and maintaining a garden is a great family activity that’ll generate many great photo opportunities. Whether you’re planning to grow tomatoes, string beans, or flowers, it’s a great time to let your family help with the digging, planting, and daily maintenance (watering the plants, etc.). Take some photos of everyone getting dirty and planting seeds, or setup a time to monitor the plants’ growth on a daily basis and use your photos to create an Animoto video. It’s always exciting to watch the plants grow, and sharing this progress and fun time with your family and friends will spread smiles all around.

Here are some Animoto styles to get you started with your gardening video:

What are you planning to grow in your garden this spring and summer? Let us know in the comments below.