Crafting a Class Reunion Video They Won’t Forget

Lauren Colman

Crafting a Class Reunion Video They Won't Forget

Now that (just about) everyone is on Facebook documenting their every move, it can make reunions a bit dull. You walk into your high school gymnasium 20 years after graduating and, yawn, you see the typical slideshow of old pictures you’ve seen a hundred times. Liven up your reunion with these creative video ideas.

Before and After

It’s easy to grab a standard yearbook picture and put it next to a new picture to create a before and after video. Step up your game and recreate yearbook pictures that aren’t the ones staged in front of a cheesy backdrop. Have the band get back together and snap a pic just like the one of them winning the marching competition. Get the cheerleaders in their uniforms to perform the epic basket toss from the senior year homecoming game.

Where Are They Now?

Before the big event have guests submit their greatest accomplishments since leaving school. You can even ask them to send pictures to go with their responses. From the answers and images you can create a video showing off the time Tim traveled to Greece to herd goats and when Karla won a t-shirt at the pie eating contest. It’s a easy and fun way to get everyone caught up on where all the time has gone.

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