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& Import Photos with Facebook Connect

Colyn Montgomery

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We heard some of you were now on a website called “The Facebook” or “MyFace” or something like that… so we figured we’d make your lives easier! You can now create a new account or sign in to your existing account with Facebook.

Use your Facebook login to create an Animoto account, sign in to Animoto, retrieve your Facebook photo albums, and post videos to your wall.

How do I sign up with Facebook Connect?
If you’re new to Animoto but an existing Facebook user, then you’re a click away from creating an account and making your first video.

  1. Here is our new Sign Up page. Just click the blue Sign Up with Facebook button to create your account:
Sign up for Animoto with Facebook Connect
  1. If you aren’t logged in to Facebook, you’ll be asked to enter your Facebook login information:
Facebook Login with Animoto
  1. Please review the Request for Permission and click Allow. Don’t worry, we won’t post anything to your wall:
Animoto Request for Permission
  1. You’re all set! In the future, all you’ll need is your Facebook login to sign into your new Animoto account.

What if I’m already an existing user?
If you’re usually logged in to Facebook, you should connect your account as a matter of convenience. You’ll definitely want to in order to retrieve your photo albums from Facebook!

If you’ve never connected your Animoto and Facebook accounts before, you’ll go through steps 2 and 3 like a new user, then we’ll ask you to sign in with your Animoto password if you weren’t already:

Connect Facebook with Animoto account

You know you’re all set when you see the following:

Animoto and Facebook

What if I no longer want my Facebook and Animoto accounts connected?
Easy! If you’re signed in to Animoto, just click on Connected Services in your account and select “Remove” for Facebook:

Disconnect Facebook and Animoto

You can always reconnect your Animoto and Facebook accounts in the future.

So go connect, grab your latest and greatest Facebook photos, and make an awesome video to share with all your friends!