5 Reasons to Include Video on Your Landing Page

Brandon Weaver


This blog post was written by our friends at Instapage.

Landing pages can be a wonderful asset for creating great first impressions for your visitors and then turning those visitors into leads. But, to succeed, you’ll need to optimize your page to prevent visitors from bouncing and to keep them engaged with your offer until they’re persuaded to convert.

Including video on your landing page can help with this task for several reasons. Take a look.

Landing Page Video Checklist

5 Reasons Landing Page Video is a Good Idea for Your Audience

1. Videos capture (and hold) visitors’ attention

One of the greatest challenges to driving conversions is making your prospects feel engaged with your brand. One excellent way to spark engagement is to include a landing page video. By immediately capturing visitors’ attention with an engaging video, you have a much greater chance of keeping them interested in your brand and offer.

A landing page video also helps to increase the length of time people spend on your page. According to Brightcove, the average visitor spends 105% more time on a website that includes a video. More time on your page means more time for your brand’s message to sink in and make a lasting impression.

When it comes time to place your video on the page, it’s important to position it in a location where it’s sure to be seen right away. There is no “perfect” position, but you should design the page in a way that the video doesn’t get lost among all of the other elements.

SharpSpring positioned their landing page video in a great location — directly in the visitor’s reading pattern as soon as they land on the page, before they scroll down:

Sharpspring Landing Page

2. People would rather watch than read

Since observing is often easier than doing, most people would rather watch some form of media than read a page full of text. Recent research from Wyzowl indicates that 79% of consumers would rather watch than read.

Plus, with people’s attention spans being so short, marketers only have seconds to capture and hold their audience’s attention. If visitors have to read through a page of text to learn about your brand and your offer, they may not stick around long enough to convert.

3. Videos create an emotional connection

People respond to emotional cues, whether they’re fully aware at the time or not. Therefore, it’s important to recognize that video has a much greater chance of creating an emotional connection between your brand and your audience than text or images alone. This is especially true when incorporating persuasive elements into your video like music, animation, actors, voice-overs, and more.

For example, music has an amazing ability to help elevate your offer and spark an emotional connection with viewers, as long as you follow these steps:

  • Consider your brand’s story and your entire offer
  • Identify the emotions you wish to evoke in your audience
  • Choose the genre of music that best fits those emotions
  • Find a song (or several songs to A/B test) based on each of the steps above
  • A/B test your video with different songs to see which one is the most effective

In the example below, AppCard uses upbeat background music and a friendly voice-over to thoroughly explain their offer in an exciting and engaging way. The music and voice-over are sure to evoke emotion from viewers, making them more likely to convert:

AppCard Landing Page

4. Videos help explain complex products better

Videos are an excellent way to provide visitors with a lot of important information in a short period of time. This is especially true if you have a complex product because videos can teach prospects how to use it in a faster and more effective way than text can. In addition, the benefits of your offer can be conveyed more energetically.

The Wyzowl survey also found that 62% of businesses have an explainer video. Of those surveyed, 97% claim that their explainer video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service.

Showing beats telling when it comes to describing your product and explaining the benefits of your offer.

The video below is features on Smartsheet’s landing page. Can you imagine how difficult it would have been for the company to explain everything about their Planning and Collaboration tool without the use of a landing page video? And how difficult it would have been for visitors to fully understand the magnitude of the tool without seeing the video?

5. Videos get better results than just images or no media at all

Writing some persuasive landing page copy can be sufficient to influence visitors to click your CTA button and convert. Including relevant images on your page is even better. Nothing, though, can match the power of video. Learn how we educate our audience at Instapage with video on our YouTube channel.

Still not convinced? Just take a look at some of these video marketing stats:

  • Of the marketers and business owners who use video in their marketing strategy, 76.5% of them found it to have a direct, positive impact on their business.
  • Watching a brand’s video convinces about 84% of consumers to make a purchase from that brand.
  • Of the businesses that use an explainer video, 81% of them say that their video helped to increase sales.
  • Landing page videos can increase conversion rates by 80% or more.
  • Brands that use video increase their revenue 49% faster than brands that don’t use video.

Start creating your own landing page videos

It’s critical to fully optimize each landing page you create, in order to capture leads and grow your business. One way to do this is with a landing page video designed to prevent visitors from bouncing, to keep them engaged, and persuade them to convert.

As a reminder:

  • Videos capture and hold visitors’ attention
  • Many people would rather watch than read
  • Videos create an emotional connection between brand and audience
  • Videos help explain complex products better
  • Videos get better results than images or text alone

For all of these reasons, it’s time to start creating your own landing pages with videos, using the tips and examples above. Share your results with us in the comments!