5 Tips for Making Videos That Stand out on Facebook

Megan O'Neill


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Whether you’re creating a slideshow video to share family memories with your friends or a marketing video to promote your business, when you post a video on Facebook you want it to get seen, liked, and shared. So how do you create a video that’ll stand out from all the other content on Facebook? We’ve put together five tips.

Make videos silent-friendly

85% of video on Facebook is watched with the sound off. Therefore, we cannot stress how important it is to make sure that your video makes sense when watched silently. Check out our blog post on creating silent-friendly videos for tips and, if you have a video that absolutely must be heard, use titles or captions to let viewers know they should click to hear the audio. This baby announcement is a great example of a silent-friendly video. It’s made up of photos, video clips that don’t need audio to be understood, and simple titles.

Go big with text

More and more people are scrolling through their News Feed on mobile devices, which means that they’re watching videos on a tiny screen. As a result, it’s important to create titles with BIG FONT that’s easy to read. Facebook marketing expert Mari Smith is a big proponent of this and you can see it in action in her recent video on Facebook’s latest News Feed algorithm shift. Read Mari’s 9 tips for maximizing Facebook reach and engagement on our blog.

Start with something eye-catching

You only have an instant to capture the attention of your friends and/or fans as they scroll through their News Feed, so it’s important to start with an eye-catching image or video clip, or with some “out there” copy, like Mat Coker of Acorn and Oak Family Photography uses in this video.

PRO TIP: We see a lot of businesses starting their videos with their logo. Here’s where we tell you, “Resist the urge!” When you post on Facebook, your logo and branding is included in the post itself, so don’t waste those precious seconds. Instead, hook viewers with something fun!

Keep it short and snappy

Attention spans are short, so try to keep your video on the short side too. Under a minute is ideal, but if you can’t cut that much out then just make it as short as possible, leaving in just the pertinent details. This video pares down the process of making homemade cufflinks into just over 30 seconds.

Give popular posts a boost

This last tip is for those of you with business pages. Mari Smith recommends giving a boost to videos that are performing well with a bit of ad spend. After you post, wait a day or two and if you’re seeing the post pick up well organically, this can help take it even further. And you’ll be sure to get the most bang for your buck because you already know the content is engaging.

PRO TIP: Mari says, “whenever possible, choose to boost your posts using the Facebook Ads Manager and not the Boost button directly on the post. The Boost button is useful if you’re in a hurry. However, for much more advanced targeting and placement options, the Ads Manager is a far superior promotional tool.”

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