Sue Bryce Shares 4 Questions to Help You Find Your Voice

Megan O'Neill


Sue Bryce closed out our Social Video Marketing Summit last week with an inspiring talk called Engage. Educate. Connect. Sue shared a wealth of knowledge in the full talk, which you can watch below, from how to utilize a focus group to up your marketing game to tips for engaging with your online audience. In this, the first in a series of blog posts on Sue’s talk, we’ll dive into her advice for finding your voice.

“All I ever hear from thousands of businesses around the world is ‘What do I say? What words do I use? Just tell me what to say!'” says Sue. In the first half of her talk, she offers up four questions to get you thinking and help you find your voice. Here they are.

Question #1: What is your intention?

“First of all,” says Sue, “I need you to set a vision, and then I need you to set a goal, and then I need you to set your intention for what you’re trying to do here. Because the universe is listening to you, and in all its infinite power, it’s waiting for you to say ‘This is what I want.'”

Sue stresses the importance of intention, even if you aren’t yet feeling confident in your voice or delivery. “What’s coming out of your mouth is really powerful,” she says, “but the intention in which you do and say anything is emitting far stronger, and that’s why some people can talk online and you just find no connection within them, because their intention is off and it is misdirected, and it can come across as disingenuous very quickly.”

Question #2: What are you selling?

The second thing you need to do is identify what you’re selling. And, Sue says, “I do not mean do you just know what product you’re selling — I mean your service emotionally, physically, the experience of what you offer. What does it mean to people? Why is it desirable?” Sue shares her own experience with discovering what it is that she sells.

Question #3: What problem are you solving?

“The best marketing in the world solves a problem,” says Sue. “So what is the problem you’re trying to solve in your business right now.” Think about the one objection that you hear over and over again. How can you solve that problem in your marketing? “An objection is not a rejection – it’s a call for more information, and I gotta say, when you get that objection, listen to it!” So identify a problem, identify a need, identify a desire, and incorporate it into your marketing.

Question #4: Where do you get the most traction and interaction on your social media?

Sue encourages you to take a look at your statistics. Look at any videos you’ve already done, social media posts you’ve made, and see where you’re getting the most views and reactions. “What are you talking about that gives you the most views? Because you’ve hit on something that you do, and you’re doing that extraordinarily well.”

So, what is your intention? What are you selling? What problem are you solving? Where are you getting traction? Write down the answers to these questions, or share them with us in our Facebook group, the Animoto Social Video Marketing Community.