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Create Effective Captions for Your Business Marketing Videos

Becky Brooks


Captions let you tell the story of your business in your own words.

tips tricks for adding captions for business marketing videos

Even the highest-quality photos and video clips can only reveal so much. Your customers won’t know important information unless you tell them. Here are some captioning ideas to get you started:

Make Your Slogan Stick

Slogan Marketing Video

To ensure that your viewers leave your video with your business’s key belief in mind, display your slogan at the end of every video you make.

Adding your slogan next to your logo makes it even more sticky and brands your video even more effectively.

Display Pricing and Value

Instead of just trying to sell your product, educate your customers on what a great deal your products are. Don’t just tell them why your service is great; tell them why it is great for them.

Provide Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews feel more genuine than most other marketing. When customers tell you they love what you do, ask them if you can quote them in your next video. Even better, catch them in a short video clip, and include that as well! In our experience, customers who like your service will often be happy to recommend you to others.

Testimonial videos are also a great video to create when you don’t have tons of assets, but still want to create a compelling marketing video.

Show Your Product Creation or Service Process

Is there an intricate or interesting part of your creation or service process that customers don’t see? Make a video documenting parts of your process: If you’re in the restaurant business, include a few words about your cooking process. If you’re a clothing design store, write about how many hours, designers, and mockups it takes before you come up with a design. Show the value of your product.
Here’s how Paradise Rescued Winery does it:

Share Your Business’s History

Knowing your business’s story helps customers attach themselves emotionally to your product. If you created a landscaping business with the dream of adding beauty to commercial areas at affordable prices, share your vision! Share your company culture! Building a business is hard work, so tell your customers what you’re proud of. Check out Animoto’s story for inspiration.

Be Genuine

Above all, avoid becoming too sales-y. Viewers will respond better if you present yourself as a person who owns a business, rather than just a business owner. Nielsen Photo Group does just that by thanking their supporters through video.

To check out more business marketing videos, check out our Animoto Pro pages for inspiration!