New Year Video Ideas for Your Business

Lucas Killcoyne


We know the holiday season can be exhausting for a business owner, but if you’re creating New Year videos, you’re nearing the finish line. In this article you’ll find simple, quick ideas to help highlight some of your biggest wins over the past year and to celebrate the beginning of a new one.


Calendar Plan for New Year’s Videos

To make your holiday planning easier,  we’ve broken up the season into four separate periods, and mercifully, this is the shortest one. As we’ve scheduled them, both of these videos will go live between Christmas and New Year’s, and neither one is making any sort of sales pitch.

Check out our recommended dates for creation and posting. And feel free to adjust them on your personal calendar to whatever dates make the most sense for your business.

New Year Video Calendar

New Year’s Video Ideas

This final pair of videos should be a labor of love, and ideally, fun, both to create and to watch. Put a bow on top of a holiday season well done.

Year-End Recap

Before looking ahead to the New Year, you’ve earned yourself a chance to show off a little bit. A lot happens in a year, but looking back, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what’s worth sharing. Here are a few ideas from our team to get the ball rolling.

  • Did you start offering any new products or services this year? Without being too salesy, it doesn’t hurt to give people a subtle reminder about your latest and greatest.
  • Did you business or team members win any awards this year?
  • Did your business reach any milestones in the last year?
  • Did you participate in any sort of community service this year?

Every business is unique, so don’t feel tied to these suggestions. If you feel it’s worth celebrating, include it in your video! We recommend taking advantage of our Year in Review template for this video.

PRO TIP: This may be your year-end-recap video, but it doesn’t hurt to tease what’s to come. If you have something exciting coming down the road in early 2019, this video is a good opportunity to pique your audience’s curiosity.

New Year Greeting

Last but not least, share a New Year video greeting. We recommend keeping this video short and sweet. You can do the heavy lifting in your recap video, but this one should just be a short message to your social audience to let them know you’re thinking of them.

Speaking of short and sweet, our example is only 6 seconds long! It was created with a single block using a stock video clip available in the Animoto library.

Stories are well-suited to a short, heartfelt New Year's greeting, too. We created this video using the Inspirational Quote template in the Animoto iOS app.

New Year Greeting

New Year’s Video Tips

  • Don’t overthink the greeting. Think of this video like a holiday card. You’re letting your audience know you’re thinking about them, but it doesn’t have to be a huge production.
  • Enjoy the holiday! We hope this one is self explanatory. Have fun. You’ve earned it.

We hope that this series has been helped you create some awesome holiday marketing videos this year. For more inspiration, feedback from fellow video creators, and tips from our team, we invite you to join our Facebook group, The Animoto Social Video Marketing Community