Getting Started with Social Video: 5 Ideas from Buffer’s Brian Peters

Megan O'Neill


Last week, at our second annual Social Video Marketing Summit, Buffer’s Digital Marketing Strategist Brian Peters joined us to share his Facebook Video Guide: From Starting Up to Standing out.

In his presentation, Brian took a look at why you should be marketing with video on Facebook, how you should approach incorporating video into your marketing strategy, what videos you can make, and what the best practices are. In this post, we’ll focus on Brian’s video content ideas.

5 Ideas for Your Next Video

Brian shared his answer to the question “Where do I even start?” by digging into 5 places you can look right now for video content ideas.

Idea #1: Blog Content

“One of the best ways that you can find good ideas for video content is [blog content],” says Brian. “You simply sort traffic to all of your web pages by most visited web page, and all of a sudden you have 50 to 100 ideas for videos you can make, based on popular demand.”

This is a good way to backup gut feelings for ideas that may perform well with actual data. Brian says, “Let the data drive your decisions on what videos to make. That’s how you get started, and that’s how you win right away.”

Idea #2: Customer Questions

What if you don’t have a blog? Brian suggests creating videos based on what people are already asking you about. As an example, Brian shared a video about a strategy that Buffer used to increase reach and engagement on Facebook. This is something that Brian says Buffer’s customers ask about all the time.

Idea #3: Industry News

Brian suggests creating a 30-second to 1-minute video to share news from your industry. Buffer sees a lot of success with videos around the social media industry, where things move fast and change a lot. In this example, they shared news around Facebook’s algorithm change and the video received over 100K views across the platforms it was posted. This took “way less time, way less resources, and way better results than we would have from a blog post,” says Brian.

Think about what makes news in your industry? How could you use video to share this news with your followers?

Idea #4: Inspiration

Next Brian talks about getting into some fun stuff—inspirational, entertaining, share-worthy content. These videos can be made up of the ideas that strike you randomly and that you find inspiring and think viewers would find inspiring. “Keep good ideas,” Brian says. “Always.” He recommends carrying a notebook or using a mobile note app.

Idea #5: Hacks, Tips, and How-Tos

Finally, Brian shares what he refers to as “the holy grail of Facebook content”—hacks, tips, and how-tos. “This is where your creativeness with come in,” says Brian. These videos are industry-specific. “What in your industry can you help people hack or figure out how to do?”

What are your favorite types of videos to make? What have you seen success with? Have more ideas to add to the mix? Share them with us in our private Facebook group, the Animoto Social Video Marketing Community