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TrueView Ad

Drive sales and website traffic with a TrueView Ad campaign. Use reasons your audience needs your product or service to convince them to click through. Combine text and audio to create a video that informs and entertains.

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DIY Tutorial

Get crafty with videos sharing your favorite recipes or DIY projects. Give simple step-by-step instructions that’ll let your audience repeat your project at home. End with call to action that sends viewers to your website or encourages them to follow your channel.

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Video Explainer

Showcase your expertise with a video that explains a difficult concept or offers a solution to a common problem. Use animated text effects and bright colors to draw attention as your audience scrolls through YouTube search results.

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Types of videos that perform well on YouTube

  1. Instructional videos Educational videos are among the most popular on YouTube. Tap into an audience that craves how-to videos and you’ll catch the attention of viewers looking to learn. Share your knowledge with a DIY project, craft, or recipe. You can also create an instructional video that explains a trend or concept to your audience to reach viewers.
  2. Product videos Unboxing videos or product reviews give audiences a chance to preview items they might want to get themselves. Share a video about a favorite product or make a best-of list to run down items you sell or recommend. It’ll help generate enthusiasm for your products or your brand.
  3. Business videos Build trust and help customers learn a little bit more about you with videos about your business. Start with a channel trailer that’ll autoplay whenever you have a visitor to your YouTube channel. Then create an “About Us” video that goes over what your business does and why it does it well. If you’ve got a visual business, consider adding one or more video portfolios showing off your work as well.

Getting your video ready for YouTube

  1. Start with the right storyboard template Though you can customize any Animoto storyboard template, a good pick can definitely speed things up. Animoto gives you dozens of options for your YouTube videos, including how-to and recipe storyboards. We also feature several templates co-designed with YouTube, just for their TrueView ads.
  2. Customize for YouTube Fit your storyboard to your needs. If you’ve chosen a square storyboard, switch it over to horizontal, since that’s the aspect ratio YouTube prefers. Add a compelling title within the video to get your audience interested. Then include engaging, easy-to-read text to amplify your video's message.
  3. Consider your video’s sound Unlike some other social sites where videos may be muted, YouTube viewers usually want to listen to your audio. That’s why it’s important to include people talking or to add narration with our one-click voice-over tool. Your audio lets you talk right to your audience, even if they have your video running in the background.

Video marketing strategies for YouTube

  1. Create videos for your audience Think about your ideal audience and the type of videos they might be looking for. Then work on videos that will draw that audience in. Consider problems your product can solve or write down keywords and topics that relate to your industry for inspiration. Once you’ve created a few videos, build out organized playlists that’ll help keep viewers on your channel longer.
  2. Be easy to search for YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Your success is partly based on prepping your video properly. To increase the chances you’ll be found by the audience you want, include a searchable title, along with a description and tags that’ll help viewers find you. Seal the deal with an eye-catching thumbnail that makes searchers want to hit play.
  3. Plan for shares One of the most useful aspects of YouTube videos is how easy they are to embed. But if your video gets shared on someone else’s site, make sure it’s still working on your behalf. Include a logo watermark throughout the video to keep your brand in view.

Case study

See how a florist got 3 new corporate clients with one YouTube video

When City Girl Flowers uploaded their first video, they only wanted to improve their Google search rankings. But before long, their YouTube channel was racking up views, thanks to their tutorial content.

Their most successful video, a Valentine's Day bouquet tutorial, started off with 20,000 views and got City Girl Flowers 3 new corporate clients early on. Two years later, the video is still a hit for the florist shop. It's been viewed more than 118,000 times, and the number keeps growing and driving traffic to the City Girl’s website.


organic views


new corporate clients

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How to make a video for YouTube with Animoto

  1. Select a storyboard template or start from scratch
  2. Upload your photos and video clips or choose from our library of Getty Images stock
  3. Personalize by changing colors, text, and music and adding your logo
  4. Produce and share to your YouTube channel in one click

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