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Video is the most powerful way to tell your stories. Whether you’re sharing life’s important moments or promoting your business, Animoto’s slideshow maker with music makes it easy to create videos that impress. Just add your own photos and video clips, choose your music, add your own words, and produce. No video editing or design skills needed.

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Video templates you can personalize for any occasion

Happy Birthday Video

Quickly create video slideshow to say Happy Birthday. Personalize with your favorite photos and add a festive soundtrack.

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Wedding Slideshow

Create videos for important wedding events. Put together wedding video invitations, reception slideshows, or anniversary videos with ease.

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Slideshow Tribute

Celebrate the life of a loved one in a heartwarming video with music. Preserve precious memories in a video that keeps their legacy alive.

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Tips for choosing music

  1. Before you start your song searchMusic helps build emotion in your video. And knowing the emotion you want viewers to feel can help you find the right song for your video. Try writing down three different words that you think match your video. You can think about emotions, like happy or sad, or consider energy level—mellow or excited, for example. Those terms can help focus your search for a song.
  2. Ways to narrow down your song choicesOnce you’re ready to add music to your slideshow, decide whether or not you plan to upload your own music. If you have a song in mind already, you can upload it right to Animoto, as long as you have the rights to it. If you want to choose from the hundreds of songs in Animoto’s music library, you can do that too. Animoto lets you filter music based on genre, tempo, emotion, and more. Select a few filters based on what you’re looking for to get started.
  3. Adjust your song to fit your slideshowBefore you finish your slideshow video, be sure to test it out. You can preview it in Animoto to see how it works with your photos and video clips. Check that it starts at a good point in the song. If you want, you can trim your song to begin at a later point. You can also raise or lower the overall song volume to fit your needs.

Tips for creating eye-catching slideshows

  1. Design your video's styleAnimoto gives your the freedom to personalize colors, fonts, and more. Choose a template with a style you like or customize your slideshow to fit your project. You can also match your video’s colors to a party theme or add your recipient’s favorite colors to make it even more special.
  2. Dig up your favorite photosGood pictures are the key to a great slideshow video with music. Start by looking through your social media accounts for photos and videos clips. You can also ask friends and family to chip in their old photos. If you’ve got a pile of printed photos stashed in the closet, scan them into your computer or take photos of them with your smartphone.

    Once you’ve collected all the photos that relate to your slideshow, it’s time to narrow down your choices. Only select the best images to go with your message. Then drag and drop them right into your project and arrange them in an order that makes sense for the story you want to tell. You can put them in the order they happened, starting from the earliest photos and moving forward through time. You can also group photos together by type, combining photos related to hobbies in one section, travel in another, work in another, and so on.
  3. Mix up your lookVariety can add interest to your slideshow. Select several different kinds of photos to match your story. Look for different angles or even different time periods. If you have a lot of pictures you want to include, combine them in a photo collage to change up your slideshow’s look and shorten its runtime.

    You can also consider uploading video clips to elevate your slideshow even further. If you’re making a slideshow as a gift or for a presentation, you can interview friends and family and include the footage in your video. But even a quick 3-second video clip from your phone can add style to your slideshow.

How to share your videos with family and friends

  1. Present your video at an eventIf you’re having a big celebration, you can always set up a television or projector to show your video. If you have a DVD player, you might consider burning your slideshow with music onto a DVD before you share it.

    If DVDs aren’t an option, there are still plenty of choices. Many modern TVs, like Roku or Apple TVs, let you airstream your video. Look to your smartphone or mobile device to share with tools like AirPlay or Chromecast.

    You can also check to see if your television has a USB port. If it does, you can just put a thumb drive right into your television. But whether you’re using a DVD, a USB, or other method to share your video, you’ll find the tips you need on our blog.
  2. Post your video on social mediaOne of the easiest ways to share your slideshow video with music with loved ones is to connect through social media. Just post and tag friends and family you want to see your slideshow.

    One tip: when you’re posting on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, consider the shape of your video. Square videos will take up more space on Facebook and Twitter, making your video easier to see. Square is also the default shape for Instagram videos and will look better in your Instagram Feed.

    However, if you’re planning a video to share on YouTube, go with landscape. YouTube is still a landscape-video platform and horizontal video works best.
  3. Send your slideshow in an emailIf you’ve got just one or two recipients in mind, email is a good choice for sharing your project. Emailing your project lets your recipient watch your slideshow with music whenever they want without making the video public or sharing with a wide audience. Animoto makes it easy to do this with an option to share videos by email. Whenever your loved one wants to watch your slideshow, they can just click on the link to see it.

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How to make a slideshow video with music in 5 easy steps

  1. Choose a template or start from scratch
  2. Upload your photos and video clips
  3. Select a soundtrack from our licensed music library or upload your own music
  4. Personalize your slideshow video by changing colors and adding your own text
  5. Produce and share your video with family, friends, and followers.

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