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Grow your audience and establish your visual identity with a video intro. Animoto's drag-and-drop editing tools and visual effects make it easy to create videos that engage and impress.

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First impressions matter. With Animoto's intro video maker, you can easily create an intro video that welcomes viewers to your channel and feels uniquely yours. Our intro video maker lets you quickly create distinctive openings that embody your identity. With easy-to-use templates and tools, you can set yourself apart from the very first frame, and build a brand that your audience remembers.

How to make an intro video

  1. Choose a template to get the ball rolling. Templates give you a starting point. If you prefer a completely clean slate, start from scratch.
  2. Drag and drop your media into place, and edit your photos or video clips with tools like trimming and zooming.
  3. Apply eye-catching transitions, text animations, and design elements to make your intro video stand out.  
  4. Choose a commercially-licensed song from our music library to set the tone for your intro video.

Make intro videos that capture attention

Add animations & effects

Make your intro videos pop with Animoto's array of professional-quality animations. From dynamic text animations and sleek transitions to eye-catching design elements, our tools enable you to craft intros that not only stand out but also captivate your audience from the outset.

Build your brand

With Animoto, reinforcing your brand identity in every intro video is effortless. Match your brand colors, select fonts that speak to your style, and add animated touches to your logo. This consistent branding across your videos strengthens recognition and establishes a visual identity that viewers instantly associate with your content.

Edit in minutes

Animoto’s user-friendly interface makes it simple for anyone to customize intro videos. Whether you're updating your brand, adjusting for different video series, or just experimenting with new styles, our drag-and-drop functionality allows for quick and easy modifications.

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Make intro videos that set you apart

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As you get started making videos, we're here to help along the way! Our team of video experts is ready to help you grow with tips, ideas, inspiration, and feedback on your videos. You can reach our dedicated Customer team directly at, or find answer to your questions on our Help Center.