Add audio to video

Easily add audio to video for free with our online tool. Add music, voice-overs, and other audio tracks to any video file. No downloads necessary.

Add audio to video in minutes

Animoto's user-friendly interface allows you to merge audio and video elements seamlessly. Just upload your video clip and select from Animoto's library of high-quality audio tracks, upload your own, or record a fresh track. Animoto will automatically adjust your audio's volume to prevent any competition between your background music and your video clips.

How to add audio to video

  1. Upload your video file or import from cloud storage
  2. Choose a song from our library of licensed music, upload your own, or record a voice-over
  3. Trim, position, and adjust the volume of your audio
  4. Publish and share

Add audio to video online

Choose licensed music or upload your own song

Animoto offers a library of over 3,000 licensed music tracks, so you'll always find a song that matches the mood and tone of your video. If you have your own music you can also upload tracks to personalize your video further. Whether you opt for Animoto's licensed music or your own song, you can easily elevate your videos with the perfect background soundtrack.

Record or upload voice-overs

With Animoto, you have the ability to record or upload voice-overs to add a personal touch to your videos. Simply record your voice directly within the platform. If you already have a pre-recorded voice-over, you can upload it to Animoto and seamlessly integrate it into your video. This feature enables you to customize your videos further and create a more engaging and impactful storytelling experience.

Trim your clips and automatically balance your audio

Once you've added your audio to your video, the magic doesn't stop there. Animoto will enhance your video by automatically detecting any competing audio within your clips. We intelligently and automatically adjust the volume and mix of your background music. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can manually adjust the audio levels of your clips, fine-tuning them to achieve the perfect balance and desired effect. Additionally, Animoto offers the flexibility to trim and rearrange your clips, giving you full creative freedom.

More than adding audio to video

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Add audio to video for free

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