Vanessa Joy’s 6 Steps to Creating a Fusion Photography Slideshow

Vanessa Joy

Vanessa Joy Pro Photographer

Vanessa Joy is an award-winning wedding photographer.

She writes today’s guest post on using fusion to create amazing pro photography slideshows.

Most professional photographers have heard the term “fusion”. It’s the art of mixing video clips into your photographs to create a unique multimedia product for your clients or even just for yourself.

I could go on about why and how fusion is so important, but it’s easier to have you read more about it to help you understand the concepts.

In this blog, I want to teach you an entirely new way to produce a fusion product. Until now, you’ve probably just seen fusion slideshows like the one below. This is a great, and I wouldn’t stop doing them for the world.

However, if you’re looking to give your fusion a shot of steroids, then check this out:

(All songs licensed by Song Freedom)

Create Your Own Fusion

Looks crazy difficult to produce, right? NOPE! With Animoto, gorgeous fusion pieces like that are really a snap, and there are just a few “pre-steps” to getting that done. Ready?

  1. Shoot both photos and SHORT (6-9 second) video clips on your next shoot.
  2. Pick out your favorite photographs and video clips.
  3. Edit your photos in Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop, and edit your video clips (trim them, effect them and grab stills from them) with PhVusion Effects in Photoshop Extended versions CS3, CS4 or CS5.
  4. Create some album spreads with a 1920×1080 horizontal pixel dimension in your favorite album design program. I like LumaPix. Be sure to leave space for where you’d like your video clips to go.
  5. Insert video into the album spreads using the Fusion Album Builder in Photoshop Extended versions CS3, CS4 or CS5.
  6. Upload to Animoto and let them do the rest!

There you have it! Six steps to a killer fusion album! Not too shabby!

Need a little visual learning to go along with that? Check out this Fusion Album Tutorial and Happy Fusing!

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