5 Portrait Videos That Will Help You Build Your Business

Moira West


Portrait photography presents clients with their best selves — showing them the beauty and personality they have inside. Add video, with evocative music and movement, and you’ve got a way to involve clients emotionally at almost any stage in the sales process. Take a look at some of the most effective videos for promoting your portrait studio, and find out how you can add them to your photography business.

  1. Reveal slideshows. Whether you’re preparing a client for an in-studio reveal or impressing one remotely via skype, a video slideshow can set the mood for clients, bringing them back to how they felt during the session, and emotionally preparing them for your sales session. For instance, take a look at how Heike Delmore creates a polished product to make her client feel like a model reviewing her proofs rather than a mother of three.

    Style: Proof Sheet
    Song: “Sunrise” by Alice Hive

  2. Behind-the-scenes video. Though photographers often focus on the final product — the beautiful photos they create — the behind-the-scenes process can be just as important when it comes to drawing in clients and convincing them to book. With a little know-how, you can create a video that takes your viewers through a session with you and gets them excited about it. Bethany Johs created this behind-the-scenes video for a sales session, but it works just as well to educate potential clients about what a portrait photographer does and what a session with her involves. Besides, there’s no better advertisement than Bethany’s happy client.

    Style: Simply Stated
    Song: “Your Own Kind of Beautiful” by Ailh-Jey Depena

  3. About me video. For many people, booking a photographer takes a certain amount of trust. They want to know how long you’ve been working and why you do what you do — they want to know that you’re the right person to capture and preserve their memories. And though there are many clever ways to go about designing your website’s About Me page, none are quite as shareable as a video. If you want a sample, take a look at Tamara Lackey’s sweet “About Me” video. It introduces Tamara, states her philosophy about photography, and shares her joyful personality, all in a quick marketing video.

    Style: Documentary
    Song: “Junebug” by Lana Palmer

  4. Testimonials. Client testimonials can present a vision that your audience can relate to. These videos don’t have to be glowing endorsements of you personally — they can simply be a video where a client explains why they had a photoshoot, or what the photoshoot meant to them. Portrait photographer Sue Bryce has dozens of client testimonials on her blog (in addition to the one below) because they offer powerful, convincing personal stories. And because each story is unique, these testimonials can provide a steady supply of content for your blog or social media accounts.

    Style: Documentary
    Song: “Little Noah” by Mike Schmid

  5. Video business card. Though it’s possible to share your paper business card with potential clients, you have to meet them in person to give your card away. A digital business card is available everywhere, and provides a better look at your skills as a photographer than a simple piece of cardstock might. For example, Leona Darnell created this video business card to bring attention to her beauty photography business, and finished it with a call-to-action that brings her viewers back to her website.

    Style: Documentary
    Song: “Breathing Underwater” by Ali Handal

Are you using video in your portrait sessions? We’d love to see your work! Add a link in the comments below, or get in touch on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, by tagging @Animoto.