Why You Should Be Making Shorter Videos

Moira West


How long should your photography marketing videos be? When it comes to your images and footage, it may be hard to narrow them down to just a few, but a shorter, well-edited video may be exactly what you need to reach clients. Here are some best practices for the ideal length for your photography slideshows and videos. Take a look:

Why shorter is better

We’ve mentioned before how nearly two-thirds of consumers prefer videos that are 60 seconds or less, and in fact, long videos can deter potential customers from viewing your videos. According to Ad Week, that’s even more true of millennials or customers viewing your video on mobile devices.

So even though social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter are expanding the length of the videos they allow, that doesn’t mean you need to follow suit. A quick video, like Peter Hurley’s fast-paced sizzle reel, plays better on mobile devices and keeps the audience engaged from start to finish.

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The right length for your videos

We conducted an Online and Video Marketing Study that analyzed videos by type, and we found that most videos should be kept under a minute, with only a few exceptions.

Here’s a breakdown of how long customers preferred to watch several different categories of video. You’ll see that in almost every situation, more than half of customers wanted videos under a minute, and only a small percentage wanted videos longer than three minutes.

Ideal video length by type

So here’s the takeaway: When in doubt, go shorter rather than longer. Even a client slideshow can be condensed if you’re showing it on your YouTube channel or Facebook page. It only takes a few images to prove you’re talented and leave your audience wanting more.

Shortening your videos

When you’re showing clients your work in person, you don’t show them every shot you took during their session. The same is true for video — an effective one has to be edited down to just the best of the best. Be merciless! Decide which images and video clips help tell the story you want to share, and get rid of everything else. Then, when your video is as short as you can stand to make it, show it to friends and family and ask them what they’d cut or where they thought the video dragged. Pretty soon, you’ll be hitting that one-minute sweet spot for your marketing videos and social media shares.

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