5 Tips for Creating Share-Worthy Holiday Card Videos for Your Photography Clients

Kari Livesay


Video holiday cards are one of the best ways to reach new photography clients during the holiday season. Not only do they highlight your talent, but they’re also a fantastic (and free) form of advertising when happy clients proudly share your work across social media.

Keep reading for tips to make your video holiday cards even more share-worthy and discover templates that make your video creation fast and easy.

1. Include text

Whether it’s a simple “happy holidays” or a quick narration of who is in each photo, adding text is a great way to capture and keep your audience’s attention. Try our Holiday Greeting template for a cheery and eye-catching holiday video card.

Don’t let your branding fall to the wayside! Make sure people know who captured these moments and created this keepsake. Upgrade to our Professional or Professional Plus plans to add your own logo to your work, including it as a watermark throughout or at the end of your video.

2. Customize font size, color, and alignment

Once you know what text you’re going to include, you can then make your holiday video card stand out by customizing the font, color, and alignment of your text. Use our Mini-Photo Session template, upload your own specific brand font with our Professional Plus plan, and easily take your video on brand using Saved Brands.

With Saved Brands, it only takes one click to apply your brand’s logo, colors, and font to your entire video. Professional plan users can create one Saved Brand, while Professional Plus users can create multiple Saved Brands, making it simple to apply your evergreen brand settings or your holiday campaign branding in seconds.

3. Offer different video ratios

From Instagram Stories and Facebook posts to tweets and even the LinkedIn newsfeed, offer your clients a variety of holiday video card ratios so they can easily upload them to their social media platform of choice.

Our Simple Holiday Story template helps you create videos with Facebook and Instagram Stories in mind. After you’ve made your vertical Story video, you can easily edit your ratios to square and landscape to better fit different social sites.

4. Include photos and video clips

Incorporate both static images and dynamic video clips for a greater variety of content. Use our Christmas Greeting template to include photos of families by the Christmas tree or in matching holiday sweaters with video clips of kids laughing on Santa’s lap or a mother lifting her daughter to place the star on top of the tree.

5. Think outside of the box

While traditional holiday greetings are timeless, try mixing things up and quickly catch viewers’ attention with our Simple Holiday Stop Motion template for a unique and scroll-stopping video.

Do you have any tips for creating a better video holiday card? Share your advice and your holiday video cards with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram by using the hashtag #MyAnimoto.