Jen Rozenbaum’s Top 5 Songs for Boudoir Photography Videos

Moira West


A boudoir photo shoot is usually very personal and intimate, so choosing the right song for your Animoto video is important. We often hear photographers asking for music recommendations, so we went to acclaimed boudoir photographer Jen Rozenbaum for advice. She told us what she looks for in songs for her photography videos and gave us a list of her favorite boudoir-ready tunes.

  • “Got It All” by Matt Harvey
  • “Heat” by Kristin Andreassen
  • “Kiss My Lips You Fool" by Hive Riot
  • “Look What We Got Cooking” by A.J.
  • “Goddess” by Super Estela

Jen likes songs that have an uplifting message. Just glance at the titles of her favorites below and you see “Goddess,” “Beautiful,” and Jen’s favorite song, “Got It All.” The style of the song may be different — intimate, daring, or feminine — but she always keeps the focus on how amazing her client is.

So how does Jen decide which song works for which client? “I base it on the feel that the client wants. If she is more conservative or wild – that determines the type of music I will choose to showcase her images.”